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Haugesund is one of Norway’s most intimate destinations for conferences and meetings  - Photo: Øyvind Sætre
Haugesund is one of Norway’s most intimate destinations for conferences and meetings Photo: Øyvind Sætre

Key facts about Haugesund

Haugesund is the regional centre of Haugalandet and has around 36,000 inhabitants. The travel time from the city to the airport is 15 minutes.



Haugesund has great natural surroundings and offers a beautiful coastline, exotic islands, spectacular waterfalls, majestic fjords and mountains and excellent skiing facilities. The town's location between Boknafjord in the south and Hardangerfjord in the north makes it a centre of commerce and services for the 160,000 or so people living in the surrounding area.

Viking history

Haugesund city and the surrounding region dates back to Viking times. When Norway was united as a kingdom for the first time, it was Harald Fairhair from Avaldsnes (10 minutes from Haugesund) who established Norway’s first royal seat. As kings ruled Norway from this destination for more than 500 years, the destination has developed products for the meetings industry based on strong historical and authentic experiences.

Activities and attractions

With Haugesund as your base, it is only a short distance to great activities and attractions in both summer and winter. Many of these are based on the region’s beautiful landscape, ranging from a vast and wild coastline to snow-capped mountains with cascading waterfalls melting in to the fjords. The scenery here is guaranteed to provide a truly memorable setting.

Experience Langfoss, one of Norway’s highest waterfalls, plunging down into the no less spectacular Åkra Fjord. Travel to the islands of Røvær and Utsira and explore small island communities. Visit one of the lighthouses for an unconventional meeting or a dinner with panoramic sea-views.

Test your team's limits with rock-climbing, glacier walking and sea rafting or enjoy hiking trails through scenic terrain. Discover crystal clear lakes and rivers, or fish in one of the best salmon and trout rivers in Norway. Why not try Haugesund's world famous salmon-safari?

Explore the picturesque 19th-century maritime port of Skudeneshavn – one of Norway’s best-preserved small towns. Enjoy the tranquility and sit with a fishing rod alongside a stream or on board a traditional wooden sailboat on the open sea with a glass of sparkling wine.


  • Number of inhabitants in Haugesund: 35,099 (2012)
  • 12 hotels, approximately 1,050 rooms and 2,000 beds
  • Conference capacity: maximum 870
  • Largest exhibition venue: 1,600 square metres (Tysvær Arena, opened in 2010)
Last updated:  2013-11-15
Bridge over the harbour in Haugesund - Photo: Geir Øyvind Gismervik
Bridge over the harbour in Haugesund

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Meeting venues in Haugesund

Haugesund city can accommodate more than 1800 guests. The region has a great variation of meeting venues, all of them close to wild nature and fjords.

Incentive programmes in Haugesund

A rich Viking heritage, coastal culture, fjords and waterfalls – explore authentic Norwegian traditions on your meeting incentive in Haugesund.

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Key facts about Haugesund Key facts about Haugesund



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