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Take your event to Tromsø, Northern Norway, in summer to experience the midnight sun - Photo: Bård Løken
Take your event to Tromsø, Northern Norway, in summer to experience the midnight sun Photo: Bård Løken

Key facts about Tromsø

Tromsø is located around 370 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The population is 69,000 and the airport is a 10-minute drive from the city centre.


Tromsø, the main town in Northern Norway, is a centre of learning, research and space technology. It is situated 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

Northern lights and midnight sun

With midnight sun for more than two months of the year, the planet’s highest northern lights frequency and a breathtaking landscape of fjords, mountains and islands, Tromsø makes a unique event location. Fishing trips, glacier hikes, dog sledding and snowmobiling will live long in your guests’ memory.

Urban life

Tasty reindeer, fresh fish and succulent king crab add a unique Arctic flavour to the menu. The humorous, hospitable, well-educated and largely English-speaking Tromsø inhabitants are best met in the many bars and cafés in the colourful, historic city centre.

An experienced host

With 14 first-class and mid-range hotels offering 2,600 beds, conference venues seating up to 3,600 guests and direct flights to London, Riga, Stockholm, Murmansk and Oslo, Tromsø has both the capacity and connections for successful international meetings and conventions. An experienced host of numerous major events, Tromsø can provide the elegant, professional and seamless conference you expect.


  • Number of inhabitants: 69,116 69 (2012)
  • Tromsø has 14 hotels with 1,417 hotel rooms with 2,601 hotel beds
  • Meeting capacity for up to 600 people
  • Meeting capacity outside hotels for up to 3,000 people
  • Midnight sun: May 21st - July 21st
  • Polar nights: November 21st - January 21st
  • Northern lights: September - April
Last updated:  2013-11-19

Hold a conference in Tromsø

Meeting venues in Tromsø

Tromsø has 14 hotels, most of which are located in the city centre. The largest events venue can accommodate 3,600 delegates.

Incentive programmes in and around Tromsø

Inspire your team with memorable activities like dog sledding under the northern lights or golfing in the midnight sun.

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Key facts about Tromsø Key facts about Tromsø



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