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Dog sledging in Tromsø, Norway - Photo: Bård Løken
Dog sledging in Tromsø, Norway Photo: Bård Løken

Arctic nature in Tromsø

Experience the mountain peaks of the Lyngen Alps or the fishing village of Sommarøy. Dog sledging will get your adrenaline running.


The Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps with 1,800 metre-high peaks rising from the Arctic Ocean, glaciers, ravines and gushing rivers, can be found a mere hour east of Tromsø. The local population of the Lyngen Alps speak Norwegian, Sami and Finnish.

In summer, the midnight sun allows you to make the most of activities like canoeing, diving, glacier hiking and mountain biking. During the winter months the dry climate creates many clear nights with frequent sightings of the northern lights. This is the time for snowmobiling, dog and reindeer sledging.

The area is inhabited by sami reindeer herders, and conference guests are invited into the traditional tents, lavvu, to enjoy reindeer stew, bidos.

Sommarøy - towards the Atlantic

The fishing village of Sommarøy, on a small island southwest of Tromsø, is an fascinating excursion a mere hour away.  The village with 300 inhabitants enjoys a fantastic view of mountains, islands and the open Atlantic. The beaches are white and inviting, although the water temperature may be a little too refreshing for most.

The local hotel Sommarøy Arctic Hotel offers meeting rooms, tasty local food and deep-sea rafting. 

Dog sledding – Arctic adrenaline

Pulling you deep into the heart of a true winter wonderland, nothing beats the thrill of an exciting husky sledge ride. The dogs love to run and this rather unconventional mode of transport carries you up close to your scenic, snowy surroundings. Several organisers provide group arrangements during the day to see the landscape and at night in search of the northern lights.

Contact information

Most of the incentive programmes Visit Tromsø, the Tromsø Convention Bureau, puts together for their clients are tailor-made, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them so they can help you plan your event.

Visit Tromsø
P.O. Box 311
NO-9253 Tromsø
Phone: +47 77 61 00 00, Fax: +47 77 61 00 10

You can also contact Visit Tromsø staff directly:

Trude Pettersen
Email: trude@visittromso.no

Last updated:  2015-08-19
The Lyngen Alps, Norway - Photo: Eiliv Leren
The Lyngen Alps, Norway

Incentive programmes in Tromsø

Push your limits in Tromsø

Establish a team atmosphere, reinforce a network, or just have some fun and get the adrenaline flowing!

Arctic culture in Tromsø

Experience Arctic nature and hear tales of brave explorers at the museums. Visit the Arctic Cathedral inspired by icebergs, fish racks and Sami tents.

More about Tromsø

Key facts about Tromsø

Tromsø is located around 370 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The population is 69,000 and the airport is a 10-minute drive from the city centre.


A mere 2,000 kilometres from the North Pole, Tromsø can entertain up to 3,600 conference delegates with ease, comfort and style.

Meeting venues in Tromsø

Conference and meeting hotels in Tromsø

Tromsø has seven conference hotels. Two of them offer meeting facilities for up to 600 delegates.

Conference venues in Tromsø

Tromsø has nine conference venues. The sports arenas can host from 2,000 to 3,600 delegates. The conference centres can accommodate 200.

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Norwegian nature

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