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Marina in Vollen, Norway Photo: Ola Eggen Profusjon
Photo: Ola Eggen Profusjon
Photo: Vestregionen
Photo: Vestregionen
Photo: Vestregionen
Photo: Vestregionen

Oslo getaways

The suburban area southwest of Oslo, from Hurum, via Drammen, to Hole, offers coastal paths, fishing, and museums. Here are seven reasons to visit.

Fjord hiking from Hurum to Slemmestad

Along the partly inhabited Hurum Coast, you can walk along the coastal path or the historic path with cultural treasures along the way. The latter stretches from historic Holmsbu, with restaurants, shops and galleries, via Holtnesdalen nature reservation with finds from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, to the popular bathing place Rødtangen. The coastal path stretches from Røyken to Slemmestad. There is yet another road to walk along through Røyken, dating back to the Cambrian Period. This road connects the Drammensfjord in the west with the Oslofjord in the east. Hurum is a 50-minute drive south of Oslo.

Medieval church and museums in Røyken

In Røyken you can visit the Geology Centre or the Cement Museum to learn how industry has influenced the development of the area through the last 100 years. Centrally located in the village, you will find a church dating back to 1229. You can order a guided walk with Røyken Guide Service. Røyken is about 30 minutes driving from both Oslo and Drammen.

Fishing, hiking and skiing in Asker

Asker is situated along the Oslofjord, and offers fishing, fjord hiking and boat rides. There is a 15-kilometre-long coastal path with info signs. In the hinterland you will find a network of marked trails and roads for forest hiking and cross-country skiing. There is an alpine ski resort at Vardåsen. Skating on the Oslofjord is another popular winter activity. Asker is a 20-minute drive south of Oslo.

Marina and beach life in Vollen

You can dock your boat in the marina, or reach Vollen with the express boat from Oslo. Visit cafes, restaurants and shops, or spend time at the beach. There is a five-kilometre marked walking trail. Elnestangen is known as one of the very best spots in the Oslofjord for sea trout fishing.

Arts and culture in Drammen centre 

Experience cultural events at Union Scene or Drammen Theatre, or visit Drammen Museum for arts and cultural history. The modern town centre, which has won international recognition for its urban development, features bridges, parks and sculptures. Drammen is a 30-minute drive from Oslo.

Herman Wildenvey’s childhood home

Herman Wildenvey (1885-1959) was one of Norway’s most famous and important poets. You can visit his childhood home at Portåsen, outside of Mjøndalen. Portåsen is a centre presenting Wildenvey’s life and poetry. It is also a meeting place for Norwegian and foreign artists and cultural workers. There is a cafe and a library in the farmhouse. The barn includes the Wildenvey Room, with changing exhibitions. There is a herb garden here, and the area is famous for its rich flora, including many different kinds of orchids.   

Pilgrim's Route and fairytales in Hole

Four Norwegian kings lived in Hole in medieval times. The Kings Road, also called the fairytale road through the Krokskogen Forest, also part of the Pilgrim’s Route, tells the story with info signs.
Famous Norwegian fairytale collector Jørgen Moe grew up on Mo farm in Hole. In 2013, it will be 200 years since he was born. Fairytale-like events will put Hole’s history in focus through a whole year celebrating Jørgen Moe.

Getting here and around

The region is located about 40 kilometres south and west of Oslo, and can be reached by car, bus, train, boat or plane. Travelling around is easiest by car, boat or bicycle. The airports Gardermoen, Torp (Sandefjord) and Rygge (Moss) are all within a one hour drive from Drammen centre. The airport train leaves Gardermoen every 20 minutes. There are good bus connections with the two other airports. 

Last updated:  2013-07-24
Asker Culture House, Norway - Photo: Vestregionen
Asker Culture House, Norway
The Slemmestad Geology Centre and Cement Museum in Røyken, Norway - Photo: Vestregionen
The Slemmestad Geology Centre and Cement Museum in Røyken, Norway
Portåsen, Herman Wildenvey's childhood house in Mjøndalen, Norway - Photo: Vestregionen
Portåsen, Herman Wildenvey's childhood house in Mjøndalen, Norway
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Marina in Vollen, Norway - Photo: Ola Eggen Profusjon

Oslo getaways

The suburban area southwest of Oslo, from Hurum, via Drammen, to Hole, offers coastal paths, fishing, and museums. Here are seven reasons to visit.

Oslo getaways

Source: Visitnorway

Winter activities in the Drammen region

Go skating in the centre of Drammen, try cross-country skiing in the Finnemarka forest, or go snowboarding at Drammen Ski Centre. Lots of wintry fun.

What to do in the Drammen region

Try gorge jumping at Kjøsterudjuvet Canyon, play golf in a picturesque landscape or feel the strong pull of a salmon in the Drammenselva river.

Attractions in the Drammen region

Enjoy a show in beautiful Drammen Theatre or challenge yourself with contemporary art at the Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium art centre.

Winter at Norefjell

Norefjell, only a 90-minute drive from Oslo, is the high mountain area closest to the Norwegian capital. It also boasts Scandinavia's highest drop.

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Asker and Bærum

Just west of Oslo lie Asker and Bærum. A world of experiences, nature and culture awaits you, there should be something for everyone.

The Drammen region

Combine urban life in the city of Drammen with a wilderness expedition, or an art trip in Vestfossen with a round of golf in picturesque surroundings.

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