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Cycle in Romsdal, Fjord Norway, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape - Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/visitnorway.com
Cycle in Romsdal, Fjord Norway, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/visitnorway.com

Cycling in Fjord Norway

The natural wonders of the Norwegian fjords are easily accessible for cycling holidays. Rent a bicycle in Sunnhordland, Geiranger or Romsdal.

On a cycling holiday in Fjord Norway you will experience a varied landscape with mountains and hills, green secluded valleys, waterfalls and islands. 


The narrow Geirangerfjord with its steep surrounding mountains is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The Geiranger – Trollstigen National Tourist Route is perfect for a thrilling cycling holiday with spectacular fjord views and serpentine roads. 

Sunnhordland, south of the city of Bergen, is a region with many islands and fjords. Express ferries along the coast bring you to interesting starting points where you can begin to explore the islands. Go from island to island one day, and experience mountains and glaciers the next.

The Romsdalen Valley offers cycling adventures around the scenic Romsdalsfjord with stunning cycle trails along the sea, exciting off-road biking and single track mountain trails with fjord views. The Romsdalen Valley is the starting point for a three day mountain bike adventure to Oppdal.


The cycling season starts in late May for trips at sea level and around mid-June for higher altitudes. The season ends in late September.

Tour suggestions

The Romsdalen Valley is criss-crossed by narrow, winding roads. Close to Åndalsnes you pass the dramatic Trollveggen, a steep cliff rising more than a thousand metres from the valley. From Åndalsnes you can cycle into lush valleys, or go uphill on gravel roads to peaks with great views. 

From the town of Åndalsnes you will find several interesting day trips, including the peaceful valleys Grøvdal and Erstaddalen, just a few kilometres east of Åndalsnes. If you are looking for something challenging, go southwest to Trollstigen where you will find yourself climbing up to 850 metres along tight hairpin bends, to great views over the Ister Valley and the surrounding mountains. 

Continue westwards from Trollstigen for an easy trip down to Valldal and Sylte at Tafjord (69 kilometres from Åndalsnes). 

If you fancy a trip on the wild side, ride south along Tafjorden into the desolate valleys Kaldhusdalen and Rødalen (approximately 25 kilometres each way). Make sure you have your bike lights to hand as you enter the four kilometre long Heggur tunnel along Tafjord.

For one of Norway's impressive, famous views of the Geirangerfjord, take the ferry from Valldal to Eidsdal and head 20 kilometres south to Ørnesvingen (the Eagle Bend)

Cycling in Geiranger
The Geiranger-Trollstigen National Tourist Route is a fascinating cycle route with hairpin bends and other attractions. Recommended sights include Gudbrandjuvet Gorge, the Eagle Road, Flydalsjuvet Gorge (viewpoint) and the Dalsnibba Mountain. Dalsnibba at 1,476 metres is a tough climb from Lake Djupvatnet, with a great view from the top. From Geiranger there is a short but tough ride along rv. 25 to the mountains and glaciers of Djupvatn, Breidalsvatn and Grotli. From Grotli, try the old road through Mårådalen and Videdalen to Hotel Videseter (27 kilometres). The view from the hotel will tempt you to continue further down to Stryn.

The Sky to Fjord Downhill Bike Tour is an easy way to experience parts of the National Tourist Route by bike.

Cycling in Sunnhordland
You can find several route tips at visitsunnhordland.no. Most of the trails follow roads with little traffic. The tour Around Sunnhordland by bike and boat is recommended for those who want a guided trip with luggage transport.

There is a range of accommodation options in the area - choose between hotels, cabins, holiday houses, campsites and fishermen’s cabins.

The Fjord and Mountain Route (77 kilometres)
Starting at the beautiful old manor at Rosendal, which is famous for its romantic renaissance garden, the Fjord and Mountain Route is ideal for a weekend break. Most of the time you ride close the fjords, passing Omvikdalen, Skånevik, Valen, Husnes and Uskedalen before you return to Rosendal. There are hotels and camping at Skånevik.

A holiday package that includes this route can be booked at norske-bygdeopplevelser.no

Rosendal can be reached from Bergen in two hours with Hardangerfjord express.

The costal route (138 kilometres)
A three-day trip through a varied landscape with sea views, fishing villages, farmland and small towns. The costal route starts at the historic Mosterhamn, which is reached by a pleasant express boat trip from Stavanger or Bergen. Continue northwards to Rubbestadneset, Leirvik, Fitjar and Hufthammar, where you take a ferry back to Bergen.

There are plenty of options for detours, especially on the island of Bømlo.

North Sea Cycle Route
The coast of Sunnhordland is part of the international North Sea Cycle Route, the world's longest cycling route (6,000 kilometres). 

In Sunnhordland, the route passes Sveio, Bømlo, Stord and Fitjar, usually close to the sea. This part of the North Sea Cycle Route is fairly easy for cyclists, without steep hills. Short ferry trips connect the islands and allow for breaks on the way. The distance from Mosterhamn to Bergen is about 80 kilometres and you can find accommodation on the way.

The route is signposted and there is also a description of the route and the different legs available. 

Bike rental 

You can rent a mountain bike at the tourist information office in Åndalsnes.

In the city of Åndalsnes you will also find a bicycle repair shop.

Bike rental is available at the tourist information office in Geiranger. They are also happy to provide maps and make suggestions for cycle routes.

You can rent bicycles several places in Sunnhordland.

Where to stay

Hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation are available. The local youth hostel and the Villa Vengetind are particularly recommended. 

Whether you seek the simple life, or luxury, there is accommodation to meet your needs – in Geiranger, Valldal or another picturesque village. Valldal Hytter & Fritid offers accommodation in cabins and guided cycle- or mountain biking tours as well. If you like wellness and a relaxing spa, the Hotel Union in Geiranger is the right choice.

You can choose between hotels, cabins and holiday houses at visitsunnhordland.no

How to get here 

You can reach Åndalsnes by train from Oslo (six hours) or Trondheim (four hours) on the Rauma rail line, voted the most scenic trail line in Europe. There are flights to Ålesund Airport Vigra  or Molde Airport Årø. It takes six hours to drive from Oslo on the E6 and E136 through the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. Information and maps are available at visitandalsnes.com.

There are direct flights from Oslo to Stord Airport in Sunnhordland. From Bergen, Stavanger and Haugesund there are regular coaches to Sunnhordland throughout the week. You can also reach Sunnhordland by car in seven hours from Oslo, two hours from Bergen and three hours from Stavanger. Further information about Sunnhordland is available at visitsunnhordland.no

Read about how to get to the Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen.

Last updated:  2015-01-23
Cycling in Romsdalen in Fjord Norway - Photo: Tommy Soleim/Bike Romsdal
Cycling in Romsdalen in Fjord Norway
Cycling holiday in Våge in Sunnhordland, Fjord Norway - Photo: Gro Andersen
Cycling holiday in Våge in Sunnhordland, Fjord Norway
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Cycle in Romsdal, Fjord Norway, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape - Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/visitnorway.com

Cycling in Fjord Norway

The natural wonders of the Norwegian fjords are easily accessible for cycling holidays. Rent a bicycle in Sunnhordland, Geiranger or Romsdal.

Cycling in Fjord Norway

Source: Visitnorway

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About Fjord Norway

Key facts about Ålesund and Sunnmøre

Ålesund has around 40,000 inhabitants. It is the largest town in Sunnmøre, a region known for fishing, maritime technology and furniture production.

Tourist information in Ålesund and Sunnmøre

The Tourist Information Office in Ålesund is situated at Skateflukaia in the city centre. Other offices are located in key areas throughout Sunnmøre.

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