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Dinner at Food Asylum, Kristiansand - Photo: Peder Austrud
Dinner at Food Asylum, Kristiansand Photo: Peder Austrud

10 top restaurants in Southern Norway

So, where does one have the best meal in Southern Norway?

That is a question with various answers, since people's palates are somewhat different. Some places have many fabulous restaurants. We have made a selection based on some criteria, and finally the list is presented with variety in geography as well as types of places to eat. They have one thing in common: The food is exquisite.

Kast loss, Risør

Down by the harbour in Risør you'll find Kast loss, located on the area called Stranden, where the afternoon sun lights up the houses and shines through the windows onto beautiful rustic details. This is where everyone wants to go out to eat in Risør, all year long.

Stangholmen kro og havrestaurant, Risør

Way out at the mouth of the fjord at Stangholmen lighthouse, there is a summer restaurant famous for its bouillabaisse, the lighthouse keeper's pepper steak, and fabulous moments with lighthouse concerts, especially during the Risør Festival of Chamber Music. There is a boat from the quay at Risør transporting people to the lighthouse for those who don't have their own boat.

Restaurant Sliperiet, Bokhotellet Lyngørporten

Focusing on high quality, creativity and the best of products, Restaurant Sliperiet can impress guests over and over again. The view towards Lyngør from the windows provides the proper Southern Norwegian atmosphere. In the bookshelves there are cookbooks, and if you find a tempting recipe, the restaurant is willing to share.

Blom Restaurant, Arendal

On the sunny side of the harbour "Pollen" in Arendal there is a restaurant serving delicious dishes in elegant surroundings. The menu is exciting, and every mouthful is a pleasure. In the outdoor restaurant, the same outstanding food and drink is available, to the great joy of the many summer visitors.

Smag & Behag, Grimstad

Smag & Behag is a small house of food in Grimstad focusing on local products, tradition, and the joy of delicious tastes. The food will be served between 10 and 17, and Smag & Behag can also offer a delicatessen and a wine tasting room.

Måltid i Agder, Kristiansand

Måltid offers dining treats you will not find any other places. The food is based on local, first-rate products from small-scale producers with a strong connection to the local area. Måltid hires local anglers, hunters, berry-pickers and mushroom gatherers that deliver fresh, delicious products. The supply of local products varies according to season. As a result, the menu is often changing, making the guests returning again and again quite happy.

Sjøhuset Restaurant, Kristiansand

Sjøhuset is located in an old salt warehouse in the eastern part of Kristiansand harbour. This restaurant serves fish and shellfish of top quality, right at the mouth of the fjord. In addition, Sjøhuset offers something for meat lovers, and all dishes are served outdoors during the summer season, on the quay.

Provianten, Mandal

Provianten is a culinary workshop for all senses. The menu is filled with great tastes and varied dishes, the pasta is homemade, and the pizza is baked in a wood fired oven. Provianten is also a bakery, a delicatessen and gift shop, and the coffee is freshly roasted.

Paulsens hotel and café, Lyngdal

Paulsen Hotel and café from 1894 with Danish and Norwegian traditional food, homemade lemonade, freshly-ground coffee and other unmentionable good drinks. Homemade three-course dinner is served in a Danish-Norwegian atmosphere, and accommodation might involve some tasks for the guest.

Isbua, Flekkefjord

Isbua in Flekkefjord knows food! In the restored ice shed from 1886, Isbua offers à la carte meals, and two popular dishes are turbot and wild sheep, in addition to the abounding seafood table. Isbua focuses on the entire experience, and off the main summer season, the restaurant is open to activities like concerts, theme nights, and quiz. On the first floor you find the Olav Omland gallery.

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Main course - Photo: Anders Martinsen
Main course
Crab - Photo: Anders Martinsen
Fish Market in Kristiansand - Photo: Anders Martinsen
Fish Market in Kristiansand
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Dinner at Food Asylum, Kristiansand - Photo: Peder Austrud

10 top restaurants in Southern Norway

So, where does one have the best meal in Southern Norway?

10 top restaurants in Southern Norway

Source: Visitnorway

Restaurants in Kristiansand

Kristiansand can offer a wide variety of culinary temptations. The proximity to the ocean enables us to offer you fresh fish and shellfish dishes.

Restaurants and cafés in Risør

In Risør you will find seaside restaurants, cosy cafès and laidback pubs and bars. Outdoor seating and seafood in the town of wooden houses.

Cafés & Diners in Risør

Eat at lokal bakery's and cafe's in Risør, Southern Norway, They serves fresh pastry, breakfast and cakes. In summer season many have outdoor seating.

Restaurants in Risør

Enjoy outdoor restaurants by the seaside in Risør, Southern Norway. At summer you can visit the restaurant at the lighthouse on the island Stangholmen

About Risør, Kristiansand, Flekkefjord, Mandal, Lyngdal, Arendal

Getting to Southern Norway and around

Kristiansand is the communications centre in Southern Norway. It has extensive train, bus, ferry and plane links with the rest of Norway and abroad.

Key facts about Southern Norway

Southern Norway (Sørlandet in Norwegian) is the southernmost region of Norway, with 30 municipalities and approximately 285,000 inhabitants.

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