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Traditional Lysholm Aquavit from Trondheim goes perfectly with Norwegian smoked salmon - Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff
Traditional Lysholm Aquavit from Trondheim goes perfectly with Norwegian smoked salmon Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff

Follow Norway’s historical aquavit trail

Combine learning and laughs on the aquavit trail: visit the caraway seed farmers, the distillery and the places where the famous schnapps is served.


Get your group together and follow the aquavit trail for an interesting, fun incentive.

Lysholm Linie Aquavit – a lucky accident

Did you know that the world famous Lysholm Linie Aquavit was developed by accident? In 1805 the merchant Lysholm in Trondheim filled a sailing ship with potato and caraway spirit in oak barrels, dried fish and other goods and sent it far away to trade for other goods. In Batavia (now Jakarta) in Indonesia, the goods were bartered, but the spirit did not taste good and was returned to Trondheim in 1807. The constant movement, high humidity and fluctuating temperature caused the spirit to extract more flavour and contributed to accelerated maturation, and so the first modern aquavit was introduced by Lysholm in 1821. 

Tailor-made trails 

The aquavit trail goes to a number of places in the Trondheim region, with menus containing not just aquavit but also a selection of local dishes. You will also visit the farmers who grow the caraway seeds and the distillery where aquavit is produced today.

Trails are tailor-made and last from half a day up to six days. Choose Trondheim as your base or stay overnight at some of the places you visit.

These are some of the places included in the trail:

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Last updated:  2015-08-19

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About Trondheim

Key facts about Trondheim

Norway's third largest city is home to over 180,000 inhabitants. Trondheim Airport Værnes is located only a 30-minute drive from the city centre.

Transport to Trondheim

Trondheim is situated in central Norway and is easily accessible from all parts of the country. There are direct flights from many European cities.

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