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Arrange a meeting in a rural setting at Ongajoksetra in Alta, Northern Norway - Photo: Bent Raanes og Sarah Sørensen
Arrange a meeting in a rural setting at Ongajoksetra in Alta, Northern Norway Photo: Bent Raanes og Sarah Sørensen

Conference and meeting hotels in Alta

Alta provides a wide range of high-quality conference and meeting facilities. The largest conference hall can host up to 650 delegates.

Rica Hotel Alta

Rica Hotel Alta is one of the leading meeting and conference hotels in the Finnmark region. The Finnmarkssalen hall is fully equipped with the latest audio visual resources. The hotel also has a few smaller conference and seminar rooms and offers a total package of requirements. A first-class hotel in the centre of town and near to the new commercial area, Rica Hotel Alta also provides guests with high-speed internet access.

All of the rooms have cable TV, a film network, radio, telephone and a shower or bathtub. Half of the rooms have a view of the Altadalen Valley and some have a view of Haldé, the oldest northern lights observatory. The hotel also has a connection to the Northern Lights Bathing Centre.

Thon Hotel Alta

Located in the centre of town, Thon Hotel Alta is a business hotel with 150 modern double rooms and meeting capacity for up to 50 delegates.

Thon Hotel Alta is very close Rica Hotel Alta (50 metres) and these two together offer 390 rooms.

Thon Hotel Vica

This is Thon’s second hotel in Alta. Thon Hotel Vica is rich in tradition and has a cottage style characterised by small cabins and a beautiful view of the Altafjord. The hotel, which was once a farmhouse, is centrally located in Alta's old quarter Bossekop. Thon Hotel Vica has 23 rooms and conference facilities for up to 50 delegates.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Situated in a peaceful forest area just 15 kilometres from the centre of Alta, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel can offer an icy meeting room for up to 25 delegates.


This mountain resort is situated out of town and enjoys a spectacularly rural setting, but is still just 25 kilometres from Alta Airport. Only one group is hosted at a time to enable staff to provide a truly exclusive service. Ongajoksetra offers the utmost in comfort with a range of modern facilities. The farm comprises of nine traditional Norwegian mountain farm style buildings surrounding a small yard. Ongajoksetra can host functions for six to 35 guests staying overnight.

Nordlys Hotel Alta

Named after the spectacular northern lights, the Nordlys Hotel is centrally located in Alta. It has two meeting rooms for up to 70 delegates. Nordlys Hotel Alta is a hotel with long traditions and the restaurant is well known for its fine Arctic menu.

More information

Alta Convention Bureau
Rica Hotels Finnmark
Løkkeveien 61
NO-9509 Alta
Phone: +47 78 48 27 63
Fax: +47 78 48 27 77

You can also contact Alta Convention Bureau staff directly:

Ann Merete Reinstad
Email: Ann.Merete.Reinstad@rica.no

Last updated:  2014-05-16

About Alta

Key facts about Alta

Alta has 19,000 inhabitants. The flight time is only one hour and 45 minutes from Oslo and the airport is just four kilometres from the town centre.


Alta is the ultimate northern lights destination at the top of Norway. Come here with your team for an amazing Arctic dimension to your meeting.

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