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Rica Hotel Alta Finnmarkslopet suite - Photo: Vidar Hoel / Rica Hotels
Rica Hotel Alta Finnmarkslopet suite Photo: Vidar Hoel / Rica Hotels

Conference centres and exhibition halls in Alta

Alta has a total meeting capacity of 2,000 delegates. The largest conference hall can host up to 650 guests in a cinema style layout.


Alta provides a wide range of high-quality conference facilities. Framed by unique nature, Alta makes an ideal destination for any conference, incentive and event, seeking something out of the ordinary.

Rica Hotel Alta

Finnmarkssalen at Rica Hotel Alta is the largest conference hall and can host up to 650 delegates in a cinema style layout. 

A variety of conference venues including cinemas, culture and sport halls can all be found nearby. The largest of these can host 2,000 delegates and is located five minutes from the town centre.

More information

Alta Convention Bureau
Rica Hotels Finnmark
Løkkeveien 61
NO-9509 Alta
Phone: +47 78 48 27 63
Fax: +47 78 48 27 77

You can also contact Alta Convention Bureau staff directly:

Ann Merete Reinstad
Email: Ann.Merete.Reinstad@rica.no

Last updated:  2014-05-16

About Alta

Key facts about Alta

Alta has 19,000 inhabitants. The flight time is only one hour and 45 minutes from Oslo and the airport is just four kilometres from the town centre.


Alta is the ultimate northern lights destination at the top of Norway. Come here with your team for an amazing Arctic dimension to your meeting.

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