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Lillehammer, Norway Photo: Innovation Norway
At Kanthaugen Freestyle Arena, you and your friends can go tobogganing. Photo: Innovation Norway
Try tobogganing at the Kanthaugen Freestyle Arena in Lillehammer. Photo: Innovation Norway
We had to see who had the greatest tobogganing skills in Lillehammer. Who won? Photo: Innovation Norway
In Hunderfossen Winter Park, you can stay overnight at the park's snow hotel from January, depending on weather conditions. Photo: Innovation Norway
You will find Hunderfossen at the entrance of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, just 15 kilometres north of Lillehammer. Photo: Innovation Norway
At the Hunderfossen Winter park you can stay overnight in the snow hotel. Photo: Innovation Norway
In the middle of Hunderfossen Winterpark you will find Hunderfossen Snowhotel, the southernmost ice hotel in Scandinavia. Photo: Innovation Norway
Our explorers are ready to try out the toboggan slopes in Kanthaugen Freestyle Arena. Photo: Innovation Norway
The Norwegian Olympic Museum is the only museum in Northern Europe where the entire history of the Olympic Games is told. Photo: Innovation Norway
After a few hours of outdoor activities, there is nothing better than a hot drink in front of the fire. Photo: Innovation Norway
Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge track offers bodrafting, where the speed reaches up to 100 km/h. Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 1 - Winter action in Lillehammer

On the first day of our trip we took the train to Lillehammer to experience some wintry fun. Tobogganing and bobrafting made the adrenaline pump.

Victor Vela Martinez from Spain lets us take part of this fun day:

On the way to the city that hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994 we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and how snowy everything was. When we arrived at the train station Heidi, a local guide, was waiting for us. A bus took us to Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena and Kanthaugen Free Style Arena.

Toboggan race

At Kanthaugen, the first activity was tobogganing; we went up to the top of the hill and slid down from the top to the bottom on sledges.

The first time we were taking it easy, but the next rounds we got more confident and brave and did not use the brakes at all. At the last section of the circuit, a long steep slope, we got the highest speed. We had so much fun and it was wonderful!

After the race we went to a tipi, where we warmed up with a little bit of Aquavit, a Norwegian spirit drink distilled from either grain or potatoes. We tasted some Norwegian specialties. The main course was a stew of elk and reindeer, a new experience.

Olympic tour

After lunch we went to the Norwegian Olympic Museum, located in the Håkons Hall, an arena built for the Winter Olympics in 1994. There, we did a tour and discovered more about the history of the Olympics and particularly about the most outstanding athletes and the Norwegian participants.

Speeding up

Later, we went to the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Lugetrack
where we got the opportunity to try bobrafting! The speed got up to 100 km/h and we were subject to forces up to 3G during the ride.

A cold night's sleep

Finally we visited the Snow Hotel in the Hunderfossen Winter Park, were we spent the night. We slept on reindeer fur and inside a warm sleeping bag. It was a unique sensation sleeping in -7 ºC, surrounded by ice. Everything there was so calm and quiet.

Last updated:  2014-06-05
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Lillehammer, Norway - Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 1 - Winter action in Lillehammer

On the first day of our trip we took the train to Lillehammer to experience some wintry fun. Tobogganing and bobrafting made the adrenaline pump.

Day 1 - Winter action in Lillehammer

Source: Visitnorway

About Lillehammer, Øyer

The Lillehammer Region

Visit Lillehammer and enjoy attractions such as the Olympic arenas, Maihaugen and Hafjell. Explore the area by bicycle, on foot or on skis.

Key facts about Lillehammer and its surrounding areas

The Lillehammer Region, situated around two hours north of Oslo, offer everything from urban areas to valleys and mountain plateaus.

Norway. Your Way winter

Day 1 - Winter action in Lillehammer Day 1 - Winter action in Lillehammer

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