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Åkesund, Norway Photo: Innovation Norway
Nancy with one of the biggest cods of today's catch. Photo: Innovation Norway
The picturesque area of Brosundet in Ålesund offers many good restaurants and hotels, and is also the place for buying fish straight from the boats. Photo: Innovation Norway
We enjoyed this panoramic view of the town, the ocean and the surrounding mountains from the Aksla Viewpoint. Photo: Innovation Norway
The explorers and skipper Arne onboard the "Havung". Photo: Innovation Norway
Euan from our filmcrew spots some great scenery outside Ålesund. Photo: Innovation Norway
These young but skilled fishermen know how to handle the net. Photo: Innovation Norway
The fishing boat "Havung" leaving Ålesund. Photo: Innovation Norway
One of many lighthouses in the Ålesund area. Photo: Innovation Norway
Victor studies the cod a little closer. Photo: Innovation Norway
Martha made good friends with the captain of Hurtigruten. Photo: Innovation Norway
Marta trying her luck with skipper Arne's fishing gear. Photo: Innovation Norway
Paul breathes in some fresh ocean breeze. Photo: Innovation Norway
Skipper Arne entertained us by singing a little fisherman's tune, and took good care of everyone onboard. Photo: Innovation Norway
A nice cod, too bad Victor did not catch it. Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 6 - Fishing in Ålesund

In Ålesund, we got to go fishing. In sunny weather and calm sea, we tried our luck.

Paul Steele tells us all about this day:

After leaving Bergen by ship last night we woke up on the waves to a glorious sunrise greeting us aboard. Fjord Norway, rocky and snow covered on a clear morning. What a wake up that was, freezing air blowing in the face as you step on deck but the coldness forgotten as you see what is around you.

Beautiful Ålesund

After a few more hours we arrived at our destination for today, Ålesund. A small coastal city with a great surrounding of mountains, sea and fjords. A big sight for us was to go to the top of the mountain above it (Aksla) and look at it in full splendour.

Beautiful architecture and waterscapes makes this place look wonderful in each direction you look or round every corner you take. In the harbour there are fishing boats cleaning up from another day's catch and sale of Norwegian cod and shrimp. I have never seen cod so large in my life.

Out fishing

In the afternoon our treat was to go out and see first hand the cod fishing. We went aboard a fishing vessel and went to sea. After just 15 minutes the nets from yesterday were hauled in and it is hard to say how big these fish were without sounding as I was exaggerating but I wouldn't be. They were huge.

In the evening it was time to taste some local fish in the local restaurant Sjøbua. Absolutely delicious.

Last updated:  2013-10-03
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Ålesund, Norway - Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 6 - Fishing in Ålesund

In Ålesund, we got to go fishing. In sunny weather and calm sea, we tried our luck.

Day 6 - Fishing in Ålesund

Source: Visitnorway


What to do in Ålesund and Sunnmøre

Go on a bird safari on the island of Runde, try hiking in the Sunnmøre Alps or check out one of the many annual festivals in the Ålesund area.

Fishing in Ålesund and Sunnmøre

Ålesund is Norway's fishing capital. Fishing is also a popular activity for locals and tourists – simply because you are guaranteed to catch fish.

About Ålesund

Tourist information in Ålesund and Sunnmøre

The Tourist Information Office in Ålesund is situated at Skateflukaia in the city centre. Other offices are located in key areas throughout Sunnmøre.

Key facts about Ålesund and Sunnmøre

Ålesund has around 40,000 inhabitants. It is the largest town in Sunnmøre, a region known for fishing, maritime technology and furniture production.

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Day 6 - Fishing in Ålesund Day 6 - Fishing in Ålesund

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