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Tromsø, Norway Photo: Innovation Norway
Dogsledding in Tromsø is indeed an arctic experience. Photo: Innovation Norway
Tromsø’s history of daring explorers and tough arctic explorers is told at the Polar Museum. Photo: Innovation Norway
The Polar Museum tells the exciting story of risky Arctic trapping and courageous polar expeditions. Photo: Innovation Norway
Dogsledding at Tromsø Villmarkssenter. Photo: Innovation Norway
At Tromsø Villmarkssenter, you can go dogsledding and look for northern lights. Photo: Innovation Norway
At Tromsø Villmarkssenter, around 200 friendly huskies welcomed us. Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø

In Tromsø, we learned all about the polar expeditions. Dog sledding and the Polar Museum was on the agenda.

Carolin Weinkopf shares her diary from Tromsø:

Off to Tromsø

It’s Thursday morning, and after a really short night in Ålesund, we, as new born newspaper, radio and TV celebrities (we got interviewed), get up at the peek of dawn and gather all our luggage to go to the airport. The taxi driver probably had too much aquavit the night before – he just won’t show up at our hotel.

A bit nervous we take three small taxis and get checked in at Ålesund airport just on time to catch our flight to Tromsø via Oslo. Right after take-off, cheerful chatting dies down and all of our exhausted adventurers fall in a coma, catching up on some sleep before we land in Norway’s capital. Right after sunrise, we arrive in Oslo and hang out at the gate until our flight to Tromsø.

We get treated like the Royals, the flight attendants at Norwegian spoil us with free coffee and tea to wake us up for the breathtaking landscapes to be overseen crossing the country from the south to the north. Above beautiful fjords and mountains, we approach Tromsø.

Dogsledding on white plains

While the transport destroyed one of our suitcases, everyone and everything else arrives safe and whole. After a short ride to the Tromsø Villmarkssenter, we jump from the bus into snowsuits and boots and get fed with reindeer soup and stew, before we finally climb into dogsleds.

Amazed by countless howling dogs, we are awaiting for the start whistle. After some unforeseen incidents delaying the go, we sled through endless snowy landscapes glimmering in the low afternoon sun, surrounded by a beautiful halo causing magical winter scenery.

Polar legacy and northern beer

A quick stop at the Polar Museum and the ship Polstjerna  teaches us about Nansen and Amundsen’s anoraks and food preferences on their polar journeys, experiencing pretty arctic temperatures ourselves. To warm up, we take a tour through Norway’s Mack brewery and try some tasty kinds of beer.

After a beautiful and exhausting day, we climb onto Hurtigruten, have dinner and relax in the upper deck jacuzzi with some cool Mack beers. Thinking there could be no better end to the day, we are surprised by sudden rough sea and a heavy storm, swirling up our clothes and forcing us back inside. We will all sleep like babies.

Last updated:  2014-12-18
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Dogsleding in Tromsø, Northern Norway - Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø

In Tromsø, we learned all about the polar expeditions. Dog sledding and the Polar Museum was on the agenda.

Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø

Source: Visitnorway


Winter activities in Troms

Winters in Troms feature blue light, northern lights and white snow.

About Tromsø

Key facts about Tromsø

Located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the capital of the Arctic, surrounded by beautiful fjords and mountains.

Tourist information in Tromsø

Tromsø Tourist Information Office is located in the city centre, within walking distance of buses, ferries, Hurtigruten and most city hotels.

Tourist information in Troms

Troms Reiseliv runs a year-round tourist information office for Troms County.

Key facts about Troms

Archipelagos, fjords and mountains create the frame for the county of Troms with added colour from the midnight sun and northern lights.

Norway. Your Way winter

Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø

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Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø Day 7 - Dog sledding in Tromsø
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