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Get caught up in the moment at a Rosenborg match at Lerkendal Stadium - Photo: Knut Aage Dahl
Get caught up in the moment at a Rosenborg match at Lerkendal Stadium Photo: Knut Aage Dahl

Sports activities in Trondheim

Participate in one of many fun activities available in the region, or catch up in the moment as a spectator at a Rosenborg match at Lerkendal Stadium.

Rosenborg fotballklubb

The all-time best football team in Norway, Rosenborg Ballklub’s (RBK) home ground is Lerkendal Stadium in Trondheim. RBK was close to invincible under the leadership of the legendary coach, Nils Arne Eggen, and played 128 Champions League matches over 11 years. They played against Juventus in the Champions League quarter finals in 1997 after having previously beaten AC Milan 2-1 at San Sira in Italia. The real Rosenborg feeling is best experienced during a match at Lerkendal.


Trondheim is surrounded by nature. You are never far away from great hiking trails. Why not take the world’s northernmost tramway up to Lian Restaurant where you can follow parts of the St. Olav Way. There are also a number of hiking trails going out from the Granåsen area.

East of the city centre you will find great hiking opportunities in Estenstadmarka. The Estenstad cabin caters to hungry hikers and serves dinner every Wednesday afternoon.

A closer alternative for those staying in the city centre is Ladestien – a path running alongside the Trondheim fjord at Lade. The river promenade on the banks of the river Nidelven provides a great walk for those who want to combine the bustle of the city with the peace and quiet of the river.

The bike city

Trondheim enjoys an extensive network of bike paths across the city. The city’s steepest hill, Bru-bakken, also has its own bike lift «Trampe», to assist tired bikers in their way up that last hill. Make your way through the city on your own, or join one of our guided bike tours. At the Tourist Information Office you can rent a city bike.

Some may even be in Trondheim to participate in the annual Trondheim - Oslo bike race, «Den store styrkeprøven» which takes place every year in June. The possibilities are manifold for those on two wheels in Trondheim.

Skiing in Trondheim

Just a 10 minutes’ drive from Trondheim city centre, you will find Granåsen ski arena where the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships were held in 1997. Granåsen is also host to several Nordic skiing World Cup competitions every year. Here you will find miles of prepared ski trails free of use day and night.

Some of the cabins in the area are open to the public with the possibility of buying lunch or a little snack to bring along the trails. For alpine skiing, the best places to go would be Vassfjellet Ski Centre and Gråkallen. The larger ski resorts at Oppdal and Åre are also just a couple of hours drive from Trondheim.

Ice skating

Leangen is the home of Trondheim’s main indoor and outdoor skating facilities. The indoor ice rink Leangen Ishall is the home ground of Rosenborg Ice Hockey Club.

Running in Trondheim

Visiting Trondheim for business or pleasure? It is easy to put on your running shoes and get some exercise while you are here. You will find a range of different paths to take, whether you like running in an urban or more rural setting.

Trondheim is also the starting/finishing point of the four day race between Trondheim and Østersund in Sweden, «St. Olavsloppet», which is organised every year in the end of June.

Experience the river Nidelven from the water

Trondheim Kajakk rents out kayaks and the necessary equipment for making your way down the calm rapids of the river Nidelven, a trip which normally takes a couple of hours. This is a great and unique way to experience breath taking sceneries along the river banks. Read more about what Trondheim Kajakk offers here.

Swimming – indoors or outdoors

Trondheim can boast being the host of Norway’s largest indoor aqua park, Pirbadet. The large number of sports centres in Trondheim means that you can easily find the time to do some exercise while visiting Trondheim. If you prefer outdoor swimming, you should check out some of the beaches east of the city, Korsvika, Ringvebukta, Vikhammer, Storsand or the ocean bath «Sjøbadet» located in the city centre.

Gone fishing

The river Nidelven, locally pronounced «Nidelva», is one of Norway's best rivers for salmon and trout fishing. Most of the fishing spots are accessible to the public and in some areas you can even fish for free. There are areas available for people with walking disabilities and for wheel chairs.

There are also several nice spots for deep sea fishing and fishing from land from the Byneset peninsula along the city and all the way to Stjørdal, close to the airport. For more information about fishing licenses etc., please contact the Tourist Information Office.

Golfing in the Trondheim region

Golfing is a popular activity in Trondheim. Byneset Golf has a great golf course, only minutes away from the Trondheim city centre, which has amazing views of the surrounding areas. Stjørdal Golfklubb, near Trondheim Airport Værnes, provides an alternative away from the bustle of the city.

MY Trondheim

«You can do so many fun things in Trondheim! Skiing in the winter time and swimming, golfing, playing football and climbing in the summertime. And Pirbadet Aqua Park is open all year through!» Vegard Koksvik

Last updated:  2015-07-17
Flood lights at Lerkendal - Photo: Jan Olav Jenssen
Flood lights at Lerkendal
The bike lift «Trampe» at Bakklandet in Trondheim - Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff
The bike lift «Trampe» at Bakklandet in Trondheim
Go kayaking on the river Nidelven - Photo: Trondheim Kajakk
Go kayaking on the river Nidelven
Try fishing in Stjørdalselva river - Photo: Marius Rua
Try fishing in Stjørdalselva river
Play golf at Byneset golf course - Photo: Julie Lium/Byneset Golf
Play golf at Byneset golf course
Welcome to MY Trondheim - Photo: Visit Trondheim
Welcome to MY Trondheim
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Get caught up in the moment at a Rosenborg match at Lerkendal Stadium - Photo: Knut Aage Dahl

Sports activities in Trondheim

Participate in one of many fun activities available in the region, or catch up in the moment as a spectator at a Rosenborg match at Lerkendal Stadium.

Sports activities in Trondheim

Source: Visitnorway

About Trondheim


Norway's capital of technology is a lively and historical university town, and home to the famous Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

Tourist information in Trondheim

The tourist information office in central Trondheim is easy to find in the main shopping street, Nordre gate. Stop by us for great souvenir shopping.

Key facts about Trondheim

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, with 181,000 inhabitants. It is a lively university city and Norway's capital of technology.

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