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Biking in Hemsedal, Norway - Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt, Hemsedal.com
Biking in Hemsedal, Norway Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt, Hemsedal.com

Mountain biking in Hallingdal

Ride the historic Navvies’ Road along the Oslo-Bergen railway and marvel at the scenery with mountains, snowdrifts, glaciers, rivers and waterfalls.

Rallarvegen (the Navvies’ Road)

The Fjell & Fjord region has a lot to offer the adventurous cyclist. There are several cycling routes along the historic Rallarvegen (the old railway construction road to Bergen).

The standard route starts at Haugastøl station, continues west to Myrdal station and down the steep, narrow Flåm Valley to Flåmsfjord (81 kilometres). As Rallarvegen reaches an altitude of 1,343 metres, please make sure that you are prepared and dressed for mountain climate. The altitude drops more than a thousand metres on the way down, so the weather and temperatures can change dramatically.

From Flåm, most cyclists return on the Flåm railway. Riding back through Flåmsdalen is for the fit, as it includes some very steep hairpin bends on low-quality gravel road the last two kilometres to Myrdal station.  

Having said that, both beginners and children can enjoy Rallarvegen by taking the train to Finse station (at 1,222 meters) and cycle gently eastwards to Haugastøl station (29 kilometres).

Cycling at Geilo

The traditional winter sports destination of Geilo offers interesting single track cycling. The trails typically start at altitudes of 1,100-1,200 metres and go down to Hallingdal three or four hundred metres below. The roads that lead up to the summer farms at Prestholtseter in Havsdalen, Myljostølen and Vedalen are fairly strenuous, with a difficulty level from medium to challenging.

Family rides includes cycling round Lake Ustedalsfjorden (10 kilometres) on traffic-free roads.

The Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau
From Skurdalen, south of Geilo, you can enter the big plains of the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau by cycling up to the mountain lodge at Tuva. The trip is 19 kilometres each way an elevation of almost 500 metres.

Download a Geilo trailmap

Cycling in Hemsedal and Gol

Gol train station is a good starting point for trips to the mountains of Hemsedal and Gol. To avoid traffic when going to Trøim, the tourist centre of Hemsedal, try the local road on the west side of the Hemsila River from Robru, or the eastern hillside road by Eikregardane and Ålrust. The trip around Storefjell (32 kilometres) is one of the most popular in this region. The trip is easy to combine with short hikes to one of the local viewpoints for example Storefjell, Aunehaugen or Ørterhovda.

If you want something more challenging, prolong the Storefjell round trip by cycling round Lake Vannen or Tiseleifjorden.

You will find starting points for tours in the area at the hotels and cabins at Storefjell and Kamben.

Bike rental

Bike rental is offered in all destinations in the region. Quality and maintenance vary from place to place. Experienced cyclists are advised to bring their own bike or make arrangements in advance.

Bike transfer

The magnificent Bergen railway passes through the Fjell & Fjord region. You can bring your bike on trains and buses or take a local bike taxi.

Where to stay 

You will find overnight accommodation in all categories and to suit all budgets in the Fjell & Fjord region. Stay on a farm or mountain farm, in a cosy Hallingstue or stabbur, in small mountain inns or at luxury hotels of the highest standard. More information about accommodation is available at the official website for the Fjell & Fjord region.

More information

Read more about cycling in the Fjell & Fjord region

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Biking in Hemsedal, Norway - Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt, Hemsedal.com

Mountain biking in Hallingdal

Ride the historic Navvies’ Road along the Oslo-Bergen railway and marvel at the scenery with mountains, snowdrifts, glaciers, rivers and waterfalls.

Mountain biking in Hallingdal

Source: Visitnorway

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About Hallingdal


Beautiful Flåm is situated in the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the 204 kilometres long and up to 1,308 metres deep Sognefjord.


Hemsedal is a small mountain village known for some of Norway's best skiing and fly-fishing.


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Hemsedal and Golsfjellet

A mountain paradise halfway between Oslo and Bergen, Hemsedal and Golsfjellet can offer excellent hiking, biking and fishing, among other things.

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