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Kids playing at the pier in Rosfjord - Photo: Rosfjord Strandhotell
Kids playing at the pier in Rosfjord Photo: Rosfjord Strandhotell

Easy living in Lista

In the Lista region living is easy. Spend the day at one of the many beaches, go explore the lighthouses or spend the day in Sørlandsbadet.

Sørlandsbadet in Lyngdal

Sørlandsbadet in Lyngdal is located right next door to Rosfjord Strandhotel and the water always holds 30 degrees celsius. Here you'll find both indoor- and outdoor pools. The outdoor pool is open even on rainy days.

Rosfjord Strandhotel

Rosfjord Strandhotel is beautifully located in Rosfjorden. Here you can stay in separate apartments or at the hotel. The beach in front of the hotel turn into a tropical paradise on sunny days. Spend your days relaxing at the beach or playing in Sørlandsbadet, right next door.

Farsund Resort

Do you want to fish from your bedrom windom and eat breakfast at a pier? Then Farsund Resort in Bjørnevåg is the place for you. Here you can rent boats to go fishing or just explore the area. If you're most comfortable on dry land, we recommend geochaching.

Nordberg Fort

Nordberg Fort is located just outside Farsund and overlooks much of Lista. Norberg fort was built during the 2nd World War and is now a museum. The fort is open every day and in the summer months they have a lot of activities for children.

Beach life

Beautiful beaches can be found all over Southern Norway, but some of the best ones are located here in the Lista region. The area around Lyngdal is the perfect place to look.

Last updated:  2015-02-24
Family time - Photo: Johan Wildhagen
Family time
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Kids playing at the pier in Rosfjord - Photo: Rosfjord Strandhotell

Easy living in Lista

In the Lista region living is easy. Spend the day at one of the many beaches, go explore the lighthouses or spend the day in Sørlandsbadet.

Easy living in Lista

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Attractions in the Lista region


Nordberg Fort

Come and visit one of the few Coastal Forts built by the Germans in World War 2, that is preserved in its original form.


Lista Museum

Lista’s interesting history is depicted through an extensive exhibition of collected historical items and traditional buildings. The exhibition “The...


The Lista beaches

Have you seen our beautiful beaches? Havikstranda, Lomsesanden, Kviljosanden, Hauestranda og Bausje – I can recommend them all!

Accomodation in Lista


Heddan Gard Guesthouse

The Norwegian heritage site Heddan Gard is a farm resort in the mountains of southern Norway. With its secluded location, Heddan Gard offers a peaceful stay.


Farsund Fjordhotell

The Farsund Fjordhotel is conveniently located near the Farsund town centre with stunning views over the fjord.


Farsund Resort

Farsund Resort, a holiday resort with traditional cabins and attractive guest harbour, nestles in an idyllic part of Southern Norway near Farsund.


Bjørnevåg Ferie

Bjørnevåg Ferie is beautifully located by the Spind fjord between Lyngdal and Farsund.


Maritim Fjordhotell

The hotel is located by the river in the town centre of Flekkefjord. There is a large guest harbour with outdoor café.


Rosfjord Hotel

Rosfjord Strandhotel is a family-friendly hotel in Lyngdal, situated by the beach and the fjord.


The Bølgen & Moi Hotel Utsikten Kvinesdal

The Bølgen & Moi Hotel Utsikten Kvinesdal has panoramic views over Kvinesdal. Guests can play golf at it's professional 18 hole golf course or enjoy modern arts at the arts centre.

Apartments in Southern Norway

Here you can find some of the best apartments in Southern Norway.

Hotels in Southern Norway

There are many hotels to choose from in Southern Norway, most of them in the larger towns.

Explore the archipelago in Southern Norway

Explore the coastline in Southern Norway by boat, car or bike. Visit the outports by a local ferry and explore the secluded beaches and archipelago.

Lighthouse holiday in Southern Norway

Why not spend the night in a lighthouse while on holiday? There are several lighthouses offering accommodation along the southern coast of Norway.

About Kvinesdal, Farsund, Flekkefjord, Lyngdal

Getting to Southern Norway and around

Kristiansand is the communications centre in Southern Norway. It has extensive train, bus, ferry and plane links with the rest of Norway and abroad.

Key facts about Southern Norway

Southern Norway (Sørlandet in Norwegian) is the southernmost region of Norway, with 30 municipalities and approximately 285,000 inhabitants.

Tourist information in Southern Norway

"Sørlandet" (Southern Norway) covers several different regions, and each one has one or more tourist information offices.



Maritim Fjordhotell in Flekkefjord

The Maritim Fjordhotell is located next to the river that splits Flekkefjord in two, so it is a beautiful location regardless of weather conditions.

Farsund Fjordhotell - The hotel by the sea

The Farsund Fjordhotell is located on the coastline of Farsund with a beautiful view of the local fjord. It has its own pier, garden and restaurant.

Rosfjord Strandhotell

Rosfjord Strandhotell is located directly on the beach at the end of the fjord "Rosfjord" in Lyngdal in Southern Norway.

The Bølgen & Moi Hotel Utsikten Kvinesdal

The The Bølgen & Moi Hotel Utsikten Kvinesdal has panoramic views over the fjords, mountains and valley and includes an Arts Centre and Golf Course.



Easy living in Lista Easy living in Lista