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High wire climbing - Photo: Visit Sørlandet
High wire climbing Photo: Visit Sørlandet

High wire adventure park

In the forest not far from Evje you´ll find "Klatreskogen", a high wire adventure park. The park is for the whole family with two different courses.

Klatreskogen is a high wire forest adventure based just outside Evje in Southern Norway.The trees in the forest are over 100 years old! 

The park offers adventures for all and you can choose between two courses.

The Grand Park

For kids and adults over 140 cm - 941 m of activities in the trees at heights of up to 10 m and four zip wires up to 180 m.

The Grand park has 35 different activities.  All are built into the trees between 4 – 8 metres high. There are 4 zip wires, the longest of which is 180 metres long and all cross the bay.  The view from the tree tops is stunning and the location of the “Klatreskogen” is without doubt an area of outstanding natural beauty. The water is crystal clear and on a calm day you can see fish swimming on the bottom of the river as you fly across the zip wires.  

The Discovery Park

This park is smaller and suitable for anyone over 4 years old and 100 cm.

The Discovery Park is a miniature version of the Grand Park.  It is challenging and lots of fun for all ages.  The safety system is a continuous line and is the first of this type to be built in Norway. Once you are attached to the lifeline you will stay attached until you are back down on the ground again. The Discovery Park has 18 different elements and finishes with a 35 metre long zip line.  It takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete 2 circuits on the course.

Last updated:  2015-05-19
Action in the air - Photo: TrollAktiv AS
Action in the air
Who´s next at the High Wire Park in Evje? - Photo: TrollAktiv AS
Who´s next at the High Wire Park in Evje?
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Klatreskogen - Photo: Visit Sørlandet

High wire adventure park

In the forest not far from Evje you´ll find "Klatreskogen", a high wire adventure park. The park is for the whole family with two different courses.

High wire adventure park

Source: Visitnorway

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