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Car driving in Setesdal Car driving in Setesdal
Photo: Anders Martinsen (c) Visit Sørlandet AS

Round trips in Southern Norway

Take a drive along the North Sea Road, go through Setesdal, explore the Lysefjord and Pulpit Rock, and enjoy southern culture in the many villages along the coast.

The North Sea Road - Drive the Viking path

Follow the North Sea Road  along the coast of Norway between Kristiansand in the south to Stavanger in the west, for the chance to experience skerries and fjords, and both villages and cities.

There are activities available along the way, like deep-sea fishing, rafting, hiking and swimming. And why not stop somewhere when there's a festival going on or indulge in a bit of shopping?

The culinary adventures are part of the experience, whether you eat in high-quality restaurants or eat fresh shrimp sitting on a rock or a pier overlooking the sea.

A tour along the North Sea Road can be done in a day, a week or a month.

The Suleskar Road - Coast, mountain and fjord

The Suleskar Road in Southern Norway is your chance to see the coast, the mountains and the fjords all in one trip. Starting in Kristiansand, you will head north to Valle, across to Suleskar, then follow the North Sea Road and back to Kristiansand.

In Evje in lower Setesdal you will find a mineral park, a high wire adventure park, an activity centre with rafting, a wide range of other outdoor sports, and a go-kart track.

The road between Brokke and Suleskar is open from the end of May to November 1. Suleskarvegen runs from Telemark in the east, across the mountain, to Rogaland in the west.

Southern culture trail – Valley, villages and water

The holiday spot for thousands of Norwegians has for decades been "Sørlandet", Southern Norway. Drive through this friendly part and explore the villages, the local cuisine, and enjoy some activities at sea and in the woods.

From Kristiansand, the road follow the road to Risør, the first of many small villages along the southern coast with clapboard houses by the water’s edge, atmospheric cafés and restaurants and quaint shops.

On the way to Tvedestrand stop by Gjeving and take the ferry to Lyngør, a group of islands recognised as one of the best preserved communities in Europe. Lyngør boasts a car-free environment with scenic harbours, narrow walking paths and charming white-painted wooden houses, and a lighthouse that is available for accommodation.

Grimstad is the next town along the southern coast, and this is where the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen started writing. Visit the Ibsen Museum, before continuing towards Lillesand and Kristiansand.

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