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The Old Town Bridge «Gamle Bybro»

The Old Town Bridge has become a symbol of Trondheim and connects the two banks of the river Nidelven – the city centre and Bakklandet.

You have not truly been to Trondheim without having crossed the Old Town Bridge. The Old Town Bridge crosses the river Nidelven from the southern end of Kjøpmannsgata and connects the city centre with Bakklandet. Bakklandet is an exciting neighbourhood with inviting cafes and unique boutiques. The bike lift «Trampe» also has its starting point at Bakklandet.

More than 300 years old

The Old Town Bridge was built in 1681 as a part of Cicignon's city plan. Through the centuries, this bridge has gone through a number of alterations. The bridge still standing today was constructed in 1861 by municipal engineer Carl Adolph Dahl in 1861. This bridge could be lifted and kept open with the help from the ornamented red portals which are still to be found on the bridge. In the middle of the 20th century, however, the majority of the wooden foundations of the bridge was replaced with a more solid concrete construction.

The bridge is 82 metres long. Its nickname as the «The Portal of Happiness» is taken from the lyrics of Oskar Hoddø’s waltz «Nidelven stille og vakker du er».

Today, the Old Town Bridge is one of the most photographed attractions in Trondheim. It also gives you a spectacular view of the NTNU university buildings, the wharfs, Bakke Bridge and the Trondheim fjord.

MY Trondheim

«MY Trondheim is, most of all, the city's pleasant, relaxing atmosphere; charming cafés at Bakklandet, a Sunday walk through the city’s green belt, Bymarka, a concert at one of the city’s many cultural venues. Trondheim is like the city’s inhabitants – FRIENDLY through and through!» Vivian Aasen