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Flåm, Norway Photo: Innovation Norway
The Nærøyfjord is located in the southern part of the county of Sogn og Fjordane, in the middle of Fjord Norway. Photo: Innovation Norway
The Nærøyfjord is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Photo: Innovation Norway
The world's longest road tunnel is 24,5 kilometres long and situated between Aurland and Lærdal. Photo: Innovation Norway
The Aurlandsdalen Valley is known as Norway's Grand Canyon. Photo: Innovation Norway
The Nærøyfjord and the Aurlandsfjord are the wildest and most spectacular branches of the Sognefjord. Photo: Innovation Norway
Ægir microbrewery proudces and serves many types of local, exciting beer. Photo: Innovation Norway
The M/F Fjærlandsfjord sails between Flåm and Gudvangen, on the Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord. Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 4 - Flåm and the fjords

The explorers went by bus to Fjord Norway, where beautiful scenery awaited them. In the village of Flåm, they got a taste for the local beer.

Nancy van der Woey tells you all about this mind soothing day:

Wake up in Norefjell

In the morning we woke up at this beautiful resort in Norefjell where we stayed the night before. Once we had packed our luggage we went back to the main cabin, where the chef prepared an amazing breakfast for us. Scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, fruits, cheeses, fresh bread - everything was there.

Travelling west

After this wonderful breakfast we left Norefjell with our touring bus to drive back to the mainroad no. 7 towards Bergen. A lot of frozen lakes and great views to explore on our way.

On our way we pass the village Gol, where we are turning on to the road 52, which goes all the way through Hemsedal. The mountains become higher and higher and the view is getting greater and greater.

After a few short tunnels we come into the area of Lærdal, where we are going through the longest tunnel in Northern Europe. The Lærdal tunnel is almost 25 kilometres long.

Beer tasting

Just coming out of the tunnel we arrive very quickly in Flåm, where we have lunch in a nice brewery. The owner explaned how he started up Ægir Brewery in 2007. In a short time they had received national and international press and awards. They were named “Brewpub of the year” in 2008 and 2009 for all of Norway.

We are lucky to try five handmade beers; Bøyla Blonde Ale, 4.7%, Ægir India Pale Ale, 6.5%, Rallar Amber Ale, 4.7%, Sumbel Porter, 4,7% and Natt Imperial Porter (10%) together with a nice sandwich with pork meat. Lovely!

Exploring the fjords

After lunch we have some time left to go to see the Flåmsbana (Flåm railway), the train which departs from Flåm into the mountains. But we have to get on the boat heading for Gudvangen.

The boat trip starts in Flåm, in the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, and continues into the Nærøyfjord to Gudvangen. These two fjords are branches of the 204 kilometres long and up to 1308 metres deep Sognefjord. Surrounded by steep mountain sides, roaring waterfalls and deep valleys, this is a real paradise and great experience.

On our way, the ferry makes a stop in Undredal, where we get to try different cheeses. White cheese, but also the famous Norwegian brown goat's cheese. It is very creamy, soft and sweet. A very special taste that I have not discovered anywhere else so far.

Back on the boat, the fjord is getting narrower and the mountain walls are getting steeper. Also it seems to become colder, and we can see ice floating on top of the water. And then we suddenly see this lonely seal in the water. What an exciting moment.

Next stop Voss

We are witnessing how the boat breaks through the ice and is finding its way to the docks in Gudvangen. We get back on land where the bus is waiting. Our destination is Voss, where we are so lucky to stay at Fleischer’s Hotel. This Swiss style hotel was built back in 1889.

After a break to refresh ourselves and coffee or wine in the lounge, we had a great dinner in the hotel restaurant - again, day after day - we are so spoiled. We love Norway, we love the people who are really so kind. And we like the nature, the sceneries and every second of this once in a lifetime experience.

Last updated:  26 May 2014
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Flåm, Norway - Photo: Innovation Norway

Day 4 - Flåm and the fjords

The explorers went by bus to Fjord Norway, where beautiful scenery awaited them. In the village of Flåm, they got a taste for the local beer.

Day 4 - Flåm and the fjords

Source: Visitnorway

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Day 4 - Flåm and the fjords Day 4 - Flåm and the fjords

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