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Fishing in beatiful surroundings near Røros, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke /nordic Life/Innovation Norway
Fishing in beatiful surroundings near Røros, Norway Photo: Terje Rakke /nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Calming experiences

In the third of a five-part series, Eric Owen looks at 10 unforgettable ways to get away from it all in Fjord Norway.

1 Row that boat - gently

Take a rowing boat in the Sognefjord region and glide along still waters between steep mountains. The only sound being the dramatic waterfalls cascading into the fjord below.

2 Coastal calm

Follow the beautiful Lade trail near Trondheim that meanders over lush hillsides and past sheltered bays. Finish the day at the café at Sponhuset with a coffee and warm waffles. Pure bliss!

3 Stave off stress

Visit Urnes and stay in a deer farm that dates back to the 13th century – just a stone’s throw from Norway’s oldest wooden stave church built around 1130. The views are among the best in Norway.

4 Hot-tub relaxation

Enjoy the stillness and silence of the idyllic islands of Utsira and Røvaer, a short boat trip from Haugesund. Fresh seafood and bathing in a heated tub are experiences not to be missed.

5 A path through the past

Prehistoric man once relied on the Aurlandsdalen Valley, gouged out by glaciers as the natural link between east and west Norway – now rich in plant and animal life – it is calmness personified.

6 A mine of information

Historic mining town Røros is one of the oldest wooden-built settlements in Europe – surrounded by birch forests, majestic mountains and two stunningly beautiful national parks.

7 Beauty and the beast

Take a bike safari to Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella National Park, one of the few places on earth where you can see the mighty musk ox, a huge hairy beast that can run at 37 mph!

8 The perfect getaway

Along the coast of Jæren, southeast of Stavanger, are endless stretches of stunning beaches with glorious white dunes – get back to nature in the perfect setting. Relaxing, refreshing and reenergising.

9 Music for the soul

Visit Edvard Grieg’s home in Troldhaugen, near Bergen. Preserved exactly as it was in 1907, along with the lakeside hut where he composed many of his works. Frequent concerts held there offer a soothing experience.

10 A haven of tranquility

Wander along the quaint streets of the tiny port of Skudeneshavn near Haugesund and you’ll be transported back throughout time to the era of tallships, atmospheric wooden houses and sailors cottages. Magical!

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Last updated:  06 August 2013
Seafood at Lyngør, Norway - Photo: Niels Jørgensen/Innovation Norway
Seafood at Lyngør, Norway
Hikers in Aurlandsdal, Norway - Photo: Pål Bugge/Innovation Norway
Hikers in Aurlandsdal, Norway
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Fishing in beatiful surroundings near Røros, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Calming experiences

In the third of a five-part series, Eric Owen looks at 10 unforgettable ways to get away from it all in Fjord Norway.

Calming experiences

Source: Visitnorway

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