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Go cruising on the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord, Norway - Photo: Willy Haraldsen/Fjord1
Go cruising on the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord, Norway Photo: Willy Haraldsen/Fjord1

Natural wonders

In the fourth of a five-part series, Eric Owen looks at 10 natural wonders to explore in Fjord Norway.

1 The world's favourite fjord

Wonder at the Nærøyfjord, the wildest and most beautiful arm of the Sognefjord. Along with the Geirangerfjord, 75 miles away – natural beauty has never looked as magnificent and spectacular as this.

2 Cascades of jewels

Waterfalls are at their most dramatic throughout Fjord Norway – for sheer spectacle, the Seven Sisters of Geirangerfjord is unmissable. You can actually walk below and behind the nearby Storseterfossen falls.

3 Shores of calm beauty

Enjoy lazy days on one of Norway’s finest unspoilt beaches on the island of Stokkoya, a stunning archipelago north-west of Trondheim. Sensational mountain views vie with the tranquil seascape.

4 Where the sea eagles swoop

Seals and sea eagles prey upon the fish among the 5,400 islets and skerries off Frøya, the outermost island off the coast of Trøndelag. Nature at its wildest!

5 The Troll's Tongue

Marvel at the giant slab of rock protruding 1,200 ft above the beautiful fjord landscape of Ringedal Lake. One of the most astonishing places to visit in Norway.

6 Stunning spectacle among summer snow

An unmissable spectacle is the unique Stegastein viewing platform and its breathtaking views 2,000 ft above the Aurlandsfjord. Don’t forget to stop for a spot of fishing in the surrounding mountains.

7 A sermon in stone

For a truly jawdropping experience, hike to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), a plateau that gives epic views of the whole 25-mile long Lysefjord from a height of 2,000 ft. On a clear day you can see for ever!

8 Sculpted by the ocean

You won’t believe the Kannestein Rock on the island of Vågsøy, eroded by the crashing ocean waves, which looks like a giant mushroom, a giant goblet on its stem or a mermaid’s chair depending on your imagination.

9 Pinnacles of awe

The highest vertical mountain wall in Europe is Trollveggen (Troll Wall), near Åndalsnes. Not conquered until 1965 – there are now 14 routes for climbers – you may just prefer to gaze upwards in awe!

10 Railway to heaven

Some call the Flåm Railway the most beautiful and spectacular railway journey in the world – you’ll weave your way through magical fjords, majestic mountains and foaming waterfalls. Breathtaking!

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Last updated:  06 August 2013
The view at Stegastein, Norway - Photo: CH/Innovation Norway
The view at Stegastein, Norway
The Flåmsbana Railway, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Innovation Norway
The Flåmsbana Railway, Norway
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Go cruising on the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord, Norway - Photo: Willy Haraldsen/Fjord1

Natural wonders

In the fourth of a five-part series, Eric Owen looks at 10 natural wonders to explore in Fjord Norway.

Natural wonders

Source: Visitnorway

Attractions & Culture

Choose among attractions such as the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord, the North Cape and the Flåm Railway.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway

Urnes Stave Church and the rock carvings in Alta are among the Norwegian sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Arts and culture

The Sami represent the oldest cultures in Norway and the stave churces are the most important Norwegian contribution to European cultural heritage.

Nature attractions

There are mountains plunging into the sea from hundreds of metres, fjords, tall mountain peaks, northern lights and midnight sun.

Campaigns, Partners and Sponsored

Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand

Kilden Performing Arts Centre is located on the waterfront in Kristiansand. Kilden is a monumental landmark building for the arts in Southern Norway.

Explore the famous Kon-Tiki raft

Visit the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo and learn more about one of the greatest sea voyages in recorded history, across 8000 kilometres of open ocean.

Vest-Agder Museums in Southern Norway

Vest-Agder Museum: Cultural heritage museums in Southern Norway. The museum union includes nine museums, located close to each other in the south.

Northern Norway is the home of the northern lights

Witnessing the aurora borealis is an unforgettable experience. Visit Northern Norway and combine nature's light show with the trip of a lifetime.

The Hamsun Centre

Set in the area that inspired some of Knut Hamsun's most renowned books, the Hamsun Centre offers both impressive views and cultural experiences.

The National Museum of Art

See the most significant works of Edvard Munch and the highlights of Norwegian Art alongside the works of major international artist and sculptors.

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Attractions & Culture

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