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Fly-fishing gear by the Surna River, Norway - Photo: Jan Gunnar Opsal
Fly-fishing gear by the Surna River, Norway Photo: Jan Gunnar Opsal

The Surna River

The Surna valley is located in the north of the county of Møre and Romsdal, which links the fjords and wild mountains of Western Norway.

It is an area full of contrasts with fjords, mountains, dense woodlands and forests, as well as rich agricultural land.

With its dramatic scenery, relatively mild climate and plentiful salmon, the valley became a magnet for aristocratic English anglers in the 1870s. Surna is one of the county’s three longest rivers and is today the most important for salmon fishing. Salmon run over some 50 kilometres (31 miles) of the river, with the most stable fishing to be found in the 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) or so between the Harrang power station and the village of Skei. The Surna’s pools and fly-fishing stretches are generally regarded as offering some of the best sport in Norway.

The fishing

In this area, the main salmon runs are normally from midsummer to the end of August, although some of the big salmon arrive in late May or early June. On the Nygard beat, the best fishing for big salmon normally starts in mid June and continues to the end of August. Good grilse runs are generally to be found in August. Due to cold water entering the river from Harrang power station, the water temperature is low, especially in June. A sinking line is recommended in June and intermediate in July and August.

The biggest rod-caught salmon ever recorded on the Surna is 26.5 kilos (58.4 pounds), with a number of 17 or 18 kilos (37.4 - 39.6 pounds) salmon caught in different parts of the river every year. Nygard offers its guests (normally between four and six anglers) a total of five very good fishing stretches/pools. Each rod enjoys plenty of space thanks to a fair and efficient rota system.

All anglers will have equal opportunities to try all our fly-fishing locations and pools. Normally two anglers will be placed together on the same pool. Wading is easy at normal water level with combination of gravel and stones. With higher water levels though, the wading becomes more challenging. As in most Norwegian rivers, the main rule is ‘only knee-deep wading!’ 


The Nygard Lodge at Nygard Farm has been converted from an old barn into one of Norway’s most attractive fishing lodges. Sleeping up to eight people in single rooms, sharing two bathrooms, it has been designed from the outset with anglers’ needs in mind. Facilities include a fish gutting and handling area, fridges and freezers, an area for cleaning and drying equipment and waders, a changing area and even a fly-tying room. All are laid out to follow the natural pattern of getting ready for or returning from a long day’s angling. Other features of the lodge include picturesque ‘Guild Hall’ style dining and rest areas, as well as a seminar room.

Our experienced hostess, Anita prepares and serves wholesome and traditional food, using the best of local produce. Specialties include venison/moose steaks, lamb, fillet of beef, a wide variety of fish and possibly the most tender smoked salmon you have ever tasted. Local cheese or seasonal strawberries, for which the area is famous, provide the finishing touch. With its scenic setting and views of the Trollheim Mountains in the distance, Nygard will leave you feeling close to nature.

Key facts

Fishing season: 1 June - 31 August

Tackle box:
All the gear you need is included in the price, but if you prefer to bring your own this is what you need: Fly rods should be 14-16 feet with action to suit number 10 or 11 lines. Lines: medium density or sinking. Flies and tubes to suit individual preference but towards medium and larger sizes. Chest waders with felt soles, life jacket and wading stick recommended.

There will normally be two guides for a group of six anglers

Fishing statistics: On request.

Drying room, fish handling area, freezers, fly tying room.

For non anglers:
Good opportunities for partners or nonfishing friends. Excellent food and drink, inspiring hiking possibilities in the Trollheimen National Park. Outdoor hot tub and golf chip and putting range. Rock climbing wall 200 metres from house. Great for beginners and intermediates. Equipment and instruction available.

Nearest airport:
Kristiansund (1 hour 30 minutes by car/one hour by boat) and Trondheim (two hours by car).

Booking: Bjørn G. Siggerud
Telephone: +47 22 34 10 56
Mobile: +47 907 55 582
Address: Fred. Olsen Travel AS, Prinsensgate 2B, 0152 Oslo, Norway

Contact: Anita and Jan Gunnar Opsal
Mobile: +47 4800 0728
Address: Nygard, N-6653 Ovre Surnadal, Norway

Last updated:  08 August 2012
Surna, Norway - Photo: Jake Eastham/Innovation Norway
Surna, Norway
Nygard Lodge, Norway - Photo: Jake Eastham/Innovation Norway
Nygard Lodge, Norway
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Fly-fishing gear by the Surna River, Norway - Photo: Jan Gunnar Opsal

The Surna River

The Surna valley is located in the north of the county of Møre and Romsdal, which links the fjords and wild mountains of Western Norway.

The Surna River

Source: Visitnorway

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