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Enjoy the view from Bakkanosi over the Nærøyfjord in Norway - Photo: Trygve Dugstad
Enjoy the view from Bakkanosi over the Nærøyfjord in Norway Photo: Trygve Dugstad

Hiking at Stalheim

Stalheim Hotel is a two-hour drive from Bergen, and is the starting point for several hikes exploring fjords and mountains.

Nåli from Stalheim

This hike is an easy three hour hike and gives you a spectacular view of Stalheim, the Nærøy Valley and the Stalheim hairpin bends. We recommend that you wear good shoes that keep you dry. Nåli (meaning "the Needle") was a cotters farm up on a narrow shoulder on the left side of the Nærøy Valley. Because of its difficult access the farm was left in the late 1920, but the remnants of the houses and the stone walls still bear witness of the sweat and the toil of those who lived here.

The path to Nåli has recently been restored and is well marked with information posters and signs along the way. Start from the hotel and follow the signs and information poster a long the path all the way to Nåli. Return same way. Bring a lunch packet and take a brake at one of the many spectacular sites along the path.

Distance: About two kilometres each way
Time: About 1,5 hours each way.
Starting point: Stalheim Hotel

Old Kings Road to Haugsvik

This hike is consider a quite easy hike, and is suitable for adults and children alike. The route is well marked with signs and information posters. We recommend shoes that keep you dry.   

The postal route between Oslo and Bergen, opened in 1647, was the first postal route in Norway. The old postal road between Oslo and Bergen was called the "The King's Road to Bergen".  It was the main east-west connection until the Bergen-Oslo railway was opened in 1909. 

Since loosing its status as postal road the old "Kings Road" saw years of neglect, but lately a 5 to 10 kilometre long stretch of the old road from Stalheim to towards Haugsvik has been restored and the old horse and buggy road is an attraction in itself. The road takes you in and out of forests, from farm to farm, from panorama to panorama, and a beautiful stone bridge built in 1750 takes you across the Giljarhus River. Arriving at Hauge you have wonderful view over the Oppheim Lake. Return same way, or walk the ten minutes down to Haugsvik and take the public bus back to Stalheim.
Distance: About five kilometres each way.
Time: About two hours each way.
Starting point:  Stalheim Hotel

Brekkedalen – Jordalen from Stalheim

For this hike you need good walking shoes and you need a flashlight for the tunnels. A map always makes the tour safer and more interesting. 

The first part of the hike takes you through the charming Brekkedal Valley, with all its beautiful mountain pastures. From the hotel follow the Brekkedalen road to Storestølen, at Storestolen cross the river and continue up to Kinnabakken. From Kinnabakken continue to climb up the valley to the Tverrhalsskaret mountain pass, about 1050 metres above sea level. This is the highest point on the hike.      

The Brekkedal valley ends in Tverrhalsskaret, which leads into the Jordalen Valley. Jordalen is a high-lying, but very fertile farming valley with about seven dairy farms. The Jordalen Valley did not get any proper road until the 1950s. Even if the farmers are among our most industrious and their farms are harvested with the most modern and effective of machines, you still get this feeling of entering a peaceful valley where time does not move as fast as in other places.  

From Tverrhalsskaret follow the road down to Haugane summer pastures, where you have a grand view over the Jordalen Valley and the route back to Stalheim. Continue on the road and cross the river on the first bridge and take a right after the bridge. At the first cross road take a right again, and follow the Jordalen Road all the way down to the E-16 Road. You first pass the three Nåsen farms, then a blue little school house, then you pass the four Jordalen farms.  After the Jordalen farms you cross the river and go through the two tunnels. Now you will need the flashlight.  Between the two tunnels avalanches are frequent during winter, and this part of the road has correctly been named "Little Hell". 

At the E-16 Road takes a right and you will see the hotel on the top of the cliff, and within one hour you are back at the hotel,

Distance: About 20 kilometres.
Time: About six to eight hours.
Starting point: Stalheim Hotel

Getting here

Stalheim is easily accessible both from Oslo and Bergen as the E-16 Raod passes only a kilometre from the hotel. Driving time from Oslo is five to six hours and two hours from Bergen. Nearest railway station is Voss (36 kilometres) and the nearest airport is Bergen Flesland. Stalheim has an excellent bus connection with Voss and Bergen.  


Time of travel

Last updated:  27 June 2011
View on the way up to Nåli, Norway - Photo: Trygve Dugstad
View on the way up to Nåli, Norway
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Enjoy the view from Bakkanosi over the Nærøyfjord in Norway - Photo: Trygve Dugstad

Hiking at Stalheim

Stalheim Hotel is a two-hour drive from Bergen, and is the starting point for several hikes exploring fjords and mountains.

Hiking at Stalheim

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