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Husky dogs in Finnmark - Photo: Finnmark Tourist Board
Husky dogs in Finnmark Photo: Finnmark Tourist Board

Winter activities in Finnmark

Norwegian Lapland - A journey of the senses.

Norwegian Lapland is one of the most amazing places on Earth to visit. You will find a wide choice of winter activities throughout the region from mid-December until the end of April. Whatever you choose, your senses will literally come alive!

Listen to the joik, the traditional chant of the Sami people and hear tales of Sami life around the crackling fire in their tent or lavvu. Don not miss out on purchasing some beautiful handcrafted Sami jewellery and costumes – the perfect holiday momento.

Local delicacies include king crab and the freshest fish you have ever eaten! The king crab comes straight from The Barents Sea – imagine seeing the divers coming up through the ice with a live king crab measuring a full metre between the claws!

Feel snug in the fantastic Alta Igloo Hotel or Kirkenes Snowhotel – both works of art crafted out of snow and ice. Enjoy a drink from a glass made of ice and let the silence of the snow create a feeling of peace in your soul.

Admire the winter landscape as you cross snow-covered plains driving your own snowmobile. Witness the northern lights, nature’s most spectacular lightshow – words cannot do this truly awesome sight justice.
Be at one with nature. Take in the tradition, the tranquillity and the beauty. Welcome to Norwegian Lapland – a magical winter wonderland!


Alta Igloo Hotel 
Built each year entirely from ice, this spectacular hotel has 30 rooms, an ice-chapel and ice-bar and is decorated with exquisite ice sculptures. Open from January until mid-April.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel
This equally stunning hotel includes a giant snow-bar and beautiful snow carvings on the walls. Authentic Scandinavian Sauna by the lake.

Ongajok Mountain Farm
Outside Alta sits a picturesque 16 room farm – a haven of gourmet cuisine and cosy accommodation in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.


Gapahuken Restaurant, Sollia Gjestegård
This restaurant is located close to the Russian border – fresh local ingredients such as salmon, halibut, king crab and reindeer.

Storgammen Restaurant, Karasjok
Food is served in the traditional Sami way around an open fire. Located in the Rica Hotel, Karasjok – dine here for a true taste of Norwegian Lapland.

Gargia Mountain Lodge
A cosy lodge on the edge of a mountain plateau, serving good food with roots in the Sami and Finnmark kitchens.

Thon Hotel Vica
The hotel is a rebuilt farm with a panoramic view of the Alta fjord. The restaurant is known for its fresh local delicacies.

Last updated:  27 May 2013
King crab catching - Photo: Jørn Tomter/Finnmark Tourist Board
King crab catching
Sami man in Finnmark - Photo: Jørn Tomter/Finnmark Tourist Board
Sami man in Finnmark
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Husky dogs in Finnmark - Photo: Finnmark Tourist Board

Winter activities in Finnmark

Norwegian Lapland - A journey of the senses.

Winter activities in Finnmark

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