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Northern lights in Tromsø, Norway Photo: Ole C. Salomonsen/arcticlightphoto.no – visitnorway.com

Experience northern lights or midnight sun above the Arctic Circle, or visit the world famous Norwegian fjords with tall mountains and glaciers.

Experience Norway’s magical lights this winter

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/www.visitnorway.com
Photo: Bjørn Jørgensen/Innovation Norway
Photo: Frank Andreassen/www.nordnorge.com/Harstad
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: M. Horender
Photo: Ivan Mervillie
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Stockshots.no/Innovation Norway
Photo: Kjetil Skogli/Visit Tromsø
Photo: Kjetil Skogli/Visit Tromsø
Photo: Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen/www.nordnorge.com/Bø

The northern lights

Watch nature's own theater unfold above you as the most spectacular light show takes center stage: The northern lights with you in the front row.

Visit the Norwegian capital

Nancy Bundt/VisitOslo

Top 10 attractions in Oslo

Top attractions in Oslo include Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park, the Opera House, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and the Viking Ship Museum.

VisitOSLO/Nancy Bundt©Vigeland-museet/BONO

The Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park

Vigelandsparken is a must-see in Oslo. The famous park is filled with 212 bronze and granite sculptures and locals enjoying outdoor life.

©VisitOSLO/Rolf Thoresen

Getting to Oslo and Around

Oslo is only a 7 hour flight away from New York. Once you are here, public transportation makes it simple to get around.

©The Thief/Studio Dreyer+Hensley

Where to stay in Oslo

Oslo offers accommodation in every price category, including hotels, youth and family hostels, guest houses, camp sites and private accommodation.

© Blå

Nightlife in Oslo

Oslo's nightlife has something special for most people, whether you prefer beers at the pub, listening to live music or clubbing into the wee hours.

©Pur Norsk

Shopping in Oslo

The shopping capital of Norway offers everything from the latest international trends to modern Norwegian designs and local handicrafts.

Marie Peyre/visitnorway.com

Free Things to Do in Oslo

A stay in Oslo doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact there is a lot you can do for free in the Norwegian capital.

The city of nature, architecture and culture

Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal

Only seven hours from America

Photo: Norwegian/www.visitnorway.com
Photo: Norwegian/www.visitnorway.com
Photo: Norwegian/www.visitnorway.com
Photo: Norwegian/www.visitnorway.com
Photo: Nancy Bundt
Photo: Sónia Arrepia Photography/Innovation Norway
Photo: Per Eide/Fjord Norway
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/www.visitnorway.com
Photo: Marie Peyre
Photo: Bjørn Eirik Østbakken
Photo: Sónia Arrepia Photography/Innovation Norway

Fly nonstop to Norway with Norwegian

Norwegian flies from NYC (JFK), Orlando, Los Angeles, Oakland-San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale-Florida to Oslo. Enjoy Norway's beautiful sceneries.

Discover spectacular fjords

Per Eide/Fjord Norway
Photo: Per Eide/Fjord Norway
Photo: Terje Rakke
Photo: Per Eide/Innovation Norway
Photo: Fjord Norway
Photo: Benjamin Hjort
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life
Photo: National Tourist Routes
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway - you have to be here to believe it

Magnificent glaciers, flowing waterfalls, mountain peaks dipping their toes in the fjord. Experience Fjord Norway's natural wonders on a roundtrip.

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Most popular areas of interest

    Enjoy the coast of Norway on a cruise with Hurtigruten

    Andreas Mihatsch
    Photo: Stephan-Bauer
    Photo: Andreas Mihatsch
    Photo: Hurtigruten
    Photo: Bjarne Riesto
    Photo: www.northernnorway.com
    Photo: Frithjof Fure/Innovation Norway
    Photo: Sónia Arrepia Photography/Innovation Norway

    Experience Norway's celebrated 'Hurtigruten Route'

    CAMPAIGN: While big cruises only scratch the surface of Norway’s rugged coastline, Hurtigruten travels a vibrant, stunningly beautiful coastal route.

    Carsten Pedersen
    Photo: Carsten Pedersen
    Photo: Stephan Bauer - Guest image
    Photo: Kastner Reinhard - Guest image
    Photo: PATIN - Guest image
    Photo: Hurtigruten
    Photo: © Trym Ivar Bergsmo
    Photo: M. Horender
    Photo: © Per Eide


    A journey with the iconic Hurtigruten offers the best views at a gentle pace – it is the ideal way to discover Norway’s varied coastal landscape.

    What's on

    Emile Holba

    Winter Festivals and Events in Norway

    Winter in Norway can be a busy time for visitors, with all the festivals and events taking place in December, January and February every year.

    Family vacations

    CH - Visitnorway.com

    Travel with the kids to Norway

    The nature and culture of Norway inspired the setting for Disney’s Frozen, with castles, mountains and fjords. Enter to win a family trip for 4.

    Hemsedal.com/Nils-Erik Bjørholt

    Family activities

    Amusement parks, aquariums, farm holidays, skiing lessons - come rain or shine, there is always plenty of things to do with the kids in Norway.


    Norway on a rainy day: Top things to do with kids

    How do you keep your family entertained on a rainy day in Norway? Here are a few suggestions that should appeal to both children and their parents.

    Norway at a glance


    Discover your own Norway

    Relax one day, go crazy in the fjords the next. Climb or hike, bike or drive. Explore history or live in the now. Come see Norway from top to bottom.

    A different look at Norway

    Christian Bothner

    Norway is "the Greatest Place on Earth"

    The international online news outlet, the Huffington Post, is charmed by the beauty of Norway's fjords, islands, midnight sun and the northern lights.

    CH - www.visitnorway.com

    Norway as the Norwegians Have Seen It

    These 15 attractions in Norway are the most popular among the Norwegians themselves.


    Explore the Viking Age in modern Norway

    Imagine living in Norway a thousand years ago. Were you a fierce Viking warrior, a sailor exploring the oceans, or a poet feasting with your king?

    Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway
    Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway
    Photo: Robert Walker
    Photo: Frode Sandbech
    Photo: Solveig Helland
    Photo: Chris Craggs Photography
    Photo: CH-www.visitnorway.com
    Photo: Jann Engstad
    Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway
    Photo: Chris Craggs
    Photo: Johnny Storvik
    Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik

    The Lofoten Islands

    Lofoten is known for excellent fishing and nature attractions, small villages off the beaten track and whale safaris.

    Enjoy a culinary tradition with the best ingredients


    Norwegian Foodprints

    Enjoy homemade food, Norwegian ingredients and food with a local identity. Visit a restaurant with the Norwegian Foodprints mark of quality.

    Tag us, share us, watch us, explore us


    Is Norway the most photogenic country in the world?

    Share your pictures of Norway on Instagram. All you have to do is to snap your photo with Instagram and mark it with the hashtag #visitnorway.


    Apps from Visitnorway

    Our free apps for iPhone and Android show you when to look for the northern lights, and can help you find attractions and more, right where you are.

    Norway's UNESCO-protected heritage

    Terje Rakke


    The former mining town of Røros is simply unique - a modern community, in which people live and work right in the middle of an UNESCO Heritage Site.

    C.H./Innovation Norway

    The Geirangerfjord

    The deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord is surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush, green vegetation.

    Per Eide/Innovation Norway

    Urnes Stave Church

    Urnes Stave Church in Luster, beside the Sognefjord, is the only stave church in the world to be included on UNESCO´s World Heritage List.

    Kjersti Bang

    Rock carvings Alta

    The UNESCO-protected rock carvings in Alta, Finnmark, bear witness to human activity in Northern Norway already in the prehistoric period.

    Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norway

    Bryggen - the Hanseatic wharf in Bergen

    This UNESCO protected old merchant quarter of Bergen is the only preserved business district from the Hanseatic period.

    Terje Rakke/Fjord Norway

    The Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord

    These two arms of the Sognefjord are both beautiful and dramatic. The Nærøyfjord is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

    Hammerfest Turist

    The Struve Arc

    The Struve Arc is an UNESCO protected chain of survey triangulations stretching from Hammerfest in Northern Norway to the Black Sea.

    Ann Elin Bratseth

    The Vega Islands

    Just south of the Arctic Circle you will find the Vega archipelago, a cluster of dozens of UNESCO-protected islands.

    Search & book


    Book your trip here

    Wide selection of hotels, cottages, flights, ferry, cruise and rental cars for your trip to and within Norway.

    Search, compare and book accommodation in Norway.

    Widest selection of flights to and within Norway.

    Compare rates from leading car rental companies nationwide.

    Best price guaranteed - Ferries to and from Norway.

    Best price guaranteed - Cruises in Norway.

    Travel green in Norway

    Frithjof Fure - Visitnorway.com

    Eco-friendly destinations and activities in Norway

    Choose a destination or a provider with environmental considerations. Røros, Vega, Trysil and Lærdal are sustainable destinations.

    Useful info for traveling to Norway from US & Canada

    Per Eide/Fjord Norway

    Travel Providers

    Book your Norway trip through one of the following US & Canadian travel providers offering a wide range of tours to Norway.

    Book your stay in a special place

    Dalen Hotel
    Photo: Dalen Hotel
    Photo: Kim Ramberghaug
    Photo: Historic Hotels
    Photo: Engø Gård Hotel & Restaurant
    Photo: Hotel Brosundet
    Photo: Historic Hotels
    Photo: Historic Hotels
    Photo: Historic Hotels
    Photo: Historic Hotels

    Historic Hotels

    The Historic Hotels and Restaurants offer more than accommodation. You will find them scattered across the country, for example in Lofoten and Oslo.

    Bård Løken

    Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta

    All interior and exterior is made of snow and ice in this luxurious hotel, even the glasses in the bar.


    Kirkenes Snow Hotel

    Spend a night with David Spinx in a snow hotel in Kirkenes in Northern Norway. And be sure to order a northern lights wake up call before you sleep.

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