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Churches in Nordmøre

Read more: Edøy Kirke
Read more: Edøy Kirke

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You can follow Norway's church history for over 1000 years as you travel around Nordmøre. On the coast on Smøla, we find Edøy Church, a beautiful stone church from about 1190; on the neighbouring island of Kuli, there is the Kuli Stone, raised just a few years after the arrival of Christianity in Norway. One of the other beautiful medieval churches is the stone church at Tingvoll dating back to the 13th century. This is a fortified church with passages between the walls and arrow loops in the walls.

But of the old churches, it is perhaps the stave churches in Nordmøre that interest most people. One of these is located at Kvernes in the municipality of Averøy. Dating is difficult but the closest we come is the 13th or 14th century. This is an original stave church, though not as ornately decorated as some of the better-known churches. Right out to sea, the small island of Grip lies 14 km off Kristiansund. On the highest point on the island, we find Norway's smallest stave church that has withstood storms and hurricanes for about 700 or 800 years.

Mo Church in Surnadal from 1728 is a so-called Y-church, one of only five of this kind in Norway. Another unusual church is that of Ålvundeid in the municipality of Sunndal, an octagonal building from 1848, only 20 years older than its twin at Romlo, also in Sunndal.

Møre og Romsdal's largest timber church is Aure Church from 1924, an impressive representative of the many timber churches in Nordmøre.

There are two churches in Kristiansund, Nordlandet Church from 1914, an art nouveau building in natural stone, which together with Kirkelandet Church from 1964, a modern and exciting building, shows the buildings styles of the reconstructed town of Kristiansund before and after World War II.


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Churches in Nordmøre

Churches in Nordmøre

You can follow Norway's church history for over 1000 years as you travel around Nordmøre. On the coast on Smøla, we find Edøy Church, a beautiful...

Churches in Nordmøre

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