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Kalvåg Tourist Information

Read more: Kalvåg bat på kaia
Read more: Kalvåg bat på kaia

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The Costal commune Bremanger offers varied sceneries, shifting from barren coastal landscapes to breathtakingly luxuriant countrysides,beautiful mountains and glaciers in the inlands of the community.

Bremanger is situated at the border of Nordfjord and Sunnfjord. The community is divided into two parts- the inner, which is the main land, and outer, which are the islands Bremangerlandet and Frøya.

The basis economy for the outer parts of the community has traditionally been related to fishing and fish breeding, something which puts a strong mark on the coastal culture. The seaport environment is well preserved in most parts of Bremanger, with old warfside sheds and boathouses, but it is probably in Kalvåg that the old atmosphere is strongest. Rugsund and Smørhamn, two trading towns from the 1600th hundreds, are both signs of a time when the main communication took place at sea. Bremanger is also full of dear and is probably the biggest dear-commune in the country; this beautiful animal is a very common sight.


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Kalvåg Tourist Information

Kalvåg Tourist Information

The Costal commune Bremanger offers varied sceneries, shifting from barren coastal landscapes to breathtakingly luxuriant countrysides,beautiful mounta...

Kalvåg Tourist Information

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