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Kristiansand S

Kristiansand Tourist Information

Kristiansand Tourist Office is located in the service senter in Kristiansand Community - Rådhusgaten 18.


Vennesla Kommune

The municipality of Vennesla is located centrally in Agder. People have been living here for more than 5,000 years and now there are more than 13,000 inhabitants.


Songdalen Kommune

Songdalen has just over 6000 inhabitants. The municipality has large recreational areas, with woods and quiet lakes offering peaceful spots for everyone.


Iveland Kommune

Iveland, with its 1 300 inhabitants, is a typical agriculture and forestry municipality.



In the old days, before roads were cut through the terrain, the people took their way on foot or on horseback.

Kristiansand S

Bragdøya Coast Culture Center

The Bragdøya is an island with a public recreation area, lying in Byfjorden right outside Kristiansand.


Friday 24 Jul 2015 to Saturday 25 Jul 2015

SUP & STUP Islet party

The summers best festival at the skerries outside Lillesand.

Kristiansand S

Friday 18 Sep 2015 to Friday 25 Sep 2015

Christianssand Protest festival

A protest against impotence and indifference, inspiring for engagement and action, against categorisation in the community, the one-track market thinking and slack level of tolerance.

Kristiansand S

Wednesday 11 Feb 2015 to Wednesday 10 Jun 2015

Senior Tours at SKMU

Welcome to guided tours for seniors at SKMU.
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