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Read more: Grønn Pepper Photo: Visit Trondheim


Grønn Pepper

Many people think that mexican food is very very hot, but that isn't always the case! If you want lots of chili just tell us! If you want the food...
Read more: Olavs Pub og Spiseri Photo: Olavs pub


Olavs Pub og Spiseri

Olavs Pub og Spiseri is one of Trondheim's largest pubs with a capacity of up to 500 guests. The pub is an exciting place to eat with a wonderful...
Read more: From Sea Spray to the Good Life in the Cloister


From Sea Spray to the Good Life in the Cloister

Visit Tautra with its cloister ruins and modern cloister life. Enjoy a good meal and compulsive shopping in the farm shop at Klostergården....
Price: NOK 1.195 Each person
Read more: Olavfestdagene: Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet "Trondheimsnight" Photo: www.olavsfestdagene.no


Saturday 02 Aug 2014

Olavfestdagene: Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet "Trondheimsnight"

The final konsert of the St. Olav festival with norwegian band Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet. Guest performances by several norwegian artist....
NOK 450
Read more: Borggården: Sivert Høyem, Lissie, Bingbang and Kari Bremnes Photo: www.samfundet.no


Friday 29 Aug 2014 and Saturday 30 Aug 2014

Borggården: Sivert Høyem, Lissie, Bingbang and Kari Bremnes

A weekend full of spectacular concerts in Borggården by the Nidaros Cathedral. Friday 29th august: Lissie & Big Bang with Valkyrien Allstars...
From NOK 595 to NOK 990
Read more: Olavsfestdagene: Morten Harket & SiLyA Photo: www.olavsfestdagene.no


Thursday 31 Jul 2014

Olavsfestdagene: Morten Harket & SiLyA

Concert with pop-phenomenon Morten Harket from A-ha together with newcoming norwegian artist SiLyA....
Read more: Olavfestdagene: Cameron Carpenter Photo: www.olavsfestdagene.no


Monday 28 Jul 2014

Olavfestdagene: Cameron Carpenter

No one knows to expect when Cameron Carpenter gets to try the Steinmeyerorgan in the Nidaros Cathedral. Carpenter is one of our times most...
Read more: Olavsfestdagene: Marvis Staples Photo: www.olavsfestdagene.no


Wednesday 30 Jul 2014

Olavsfestdagene: Marvis Staples

Concert with gospellegend Marvis Staples in Our Lady Church....
Read more: Nidaros Tours Photo: Nidaros Tour


Nidaros Tours

Nidaros Tour AS offers new, comfortable and environmental friendly coaches....
Read more: Nidaros Pilgrim Centre


Nidaros Pilgrim Centre

The centre is a reception area and a meeting place offering pilgrimages, retreats and spiritual direction. We offer accommodation for groups and...
Prices from NOK 450,- per person in double room
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