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Read more: Vertshuset Herlaug Photo: Vertshuset Herlaug


Vertshuset Herlaug

Café - Restaurant - Pub - catering at the Island Leka outside Rørvik. Extended opening hours in summer - Café, lunch, dinner (a lacarte). Groups and...
Read more: Kjerringøy, Old Coastal Trading Post Photo: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Kjerringøy, Old Coastal Trading Post

The trading centre at Kjerringøy is located idyllic and stands forth as one of Norway’s most important building memorials from the 18-th century. It...
Read more: Pilgrimage from Stiklestad to Munkeby Photo: Innherred Reiseliv


Pilgrimage from Stiklestad to Munkeby

The areas you will walk through have been important through the Viking and Middle Ages. Walk to reflect or to find solace and exercise. Walk from...
From NOK 1 935,- per person incl. meals and accommodation
Effort level
  • Easy
  • 3 days
Read more: Nordvika Old Trading Post Photo: Helgeland Museum


Nordvika Old Trading Post

The trading post lies in the centre of Dønna island, about 1,5 km noth of the municipal centre Solfjellsjøen. In its heyday in the 1880s, the post had...
Read more: Artscape Nordland- The County Borough of Alstadhaug Photo: Erlend Haarberg


Artscape Nordland- The County Borough of Alstadhaug

Alstahaug's contribution to Artscape Nordland is "House of Winds" by sculptor Sissel Tolaas, which was unveiled in 1994. She was inspired to create a...


Wangbrygga Wharf in Bardal

This old wharfside building was built around 1870. Once used for trade, the restored wharf now rooms a store-museum that contains objects from...
Read more: Hav og Fritid-sea kayaking


Hav og Fritid-sea kayaking

Hav & Fritid in Nesna offers kayaking courses, guiding, hire of kayaks and kayaking equipment and tour suggestions. The Nesna islands compromise the...
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