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Wednesday 21 Sep 2016 to Sunday 25 Sep 2016

Kapittel 16

Kapittel 16 is the Annual International Festival of Literature and Freedom of Speech. It is one of the largest literature festivals in Norway with act...


Friday 19 Aug 2016 to Sunday 21 Aug 2016

The tomato festival 2016

Tomato Festival is a tradition of the cultural life in Finnøy. Tomatoes are an integral part of Finnøy’s economy, so of course they deserve their own...


Friday 17 Jun 2016 to Sunday 19 Jun 2016


A "traditional" viking market can be experienced near the monument "Swords in Rock" at Hafrsfjord.  Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere filled with sounds a...


Thursday 28 Jul 2016 to Saturday 30 Jul 2016

Summer Fillan

Tivoli, Market stalls and concerts....


Wednesday 01 Jun 2016 to Saturday 04 Jun 2016

Tananger Deep Sea Fishing festival

Tananger Deep Sea Fishing Festival is an annual sea fishing festival with competitions and festivities. It was the prelude to all the organized...


Thursday 30 Jun 2016 to Sunday 03 Jul 2016

Skude festival


Thursday 09 Jun 2016 to Sunday 12 Jun 2016

The Viking Festival

Karmøy is Homeland of the Viking kings! We invite you to the viking festival in June. All events will be at Avaldsnes and the viking farm at Bukkøy....


Friday 11 Mar 2016 to Sunday 13 Mar 2016

Livsgledefestival 2016 - Joy of Life Festival

An authentic celebration of Fritz Røed Sculpture Park in Bryne Centre is taking place. Since the park was opened in 2004, many people took part in t...


Saturday 11 Jun 2016 to Sunday 12 Jun 2016

Kite Festival

The annual kite festival will be held on the first weekend of June. Norway's largest and oldest annual kite festival begins with a large kite worksho...


Tracks Liatoppen/ Votndalen Ål in Hallingdal

This area has an extensive network of cross-country ski tracks that pass through holiday villages set in birch forests before they climb up into the mo...
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