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Fall in Norway

Fall sees days shorten and leaves grow yellow - the perfect occasion for a hike or bike trip, or perhaps treating yourself to a spa or gourmet meal.

Top places to photograph fall colors in Oslo

Find the best spots to snap flamboyant autumn foliage and catch dramatic colors in Oslo.

Seasons and Climate in Trøndelag

From late June to early August the weather is at its warmest and it never seems to get really dark.

Seasons, Weather and Climate in Northern Norway

The Arctic Circle marks the starting point for the midnight sun and totally dark winters lit up by the magical northern lights.

Seasons and Climate in Eastern Norway

Summer lasts from June to August in Eastern Norway. Winter is cold and spring is fresh. During fall the landscape is painted in vibrant colours.

Seasons and climate in Southern Norway

Southern Norway has the highest number of recorded hours of sunshine per day in Norway.
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