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Try the local dish called "Inderøy sodd" in Innherred - Photo: www.inderoysodd.no
Try the local dish called "Inderøy sodd" in Innherred Photo: www.inderoysodd.no

Dining in Innherred

Innherred offers a voyage of discovery with a huge diversity of local dishes. Along the Golden Route you can buy and taste local farm products.


Situated on a magnificent viewpoint above Sakshaug Old Church in Inderøy in Nord-Trøndelag, Øyna serves delicious, local food, where 90 percent of the raw materials are sourced from the 10 municipalities you can see from Øyna. Øyna is an approved Eco-Tourism Enterprise and a member of the Golden Route.

Rødbrygga is situated in a disused wharf from 1868, overlooking the flowing tidal current. Fish dishes, steaks, kebabs and pizza are all served here, and the bar is fully licensed and open all year. Rødbrygga is a member of the the Golden Route.

Mosvik Brygge
Mosvik Brygge is an old trading center from the 1700s, with a pier restaurant and fully licensed pub. Mosvik Brygge is a member of the the Golden Route.

Elgkroa, Røra in Inderøy
Elgkroa serves Norwegian "slow food": Home-made food based on pure ingredients. Bestsellers at Elgkroa are elk, pepper steak, salmon from Saga, hamburgers, sandwiches, as well as delicious cakes and desserts. Open all year, except January.

Gangstad Farm
The farm shop at Gangstad Farm sells the award winning cheese and ice cream, and ice cream and coffee is served in the courtyard during the summer. The farm shop is open all year. Gangstad Farm is a member of the the Golden Route.

The farm shop at Gulburet sells tasty bread, meat products and sweets. Enjoy the atmosphere of the farmyard over lunch, coffee and cakes during the summer season. Everything served is made here. Gulburet is a member of the the Golden Route.

Berg Farm
Berg Farm, with its special atmosphere, serves farm food fresh from their own slaughterhouse and farm kitchen, and they also have a farm shop that sells various ingredients and products. Berg Farm's summer café and farm shop is open every day during the summer season (June, July and August) from 11 am to 5 pm (other times by request) and is a member of the the Golden Route.

Husfrua Farm Hotel
Husfrua Farm Hotel serves food based on local ingredients and old traditions. Enjoying the Husfruen picnic basket or lunch in the garden is highly recommended. Open 12 pm - 4 pm, Tuesdaus to Sundays in the summer season, and other times by request. Husfrua is a member of the the Golden Route.


Ørens Meieri
Specialicing in local food and dissemination of local history, Ørens Meieri serves freshly baked bread every morning and have their own local food store in the restaurant. The restaurant is easily accessible, just opposite the train station in the center of Verdal.

Restaurant Skalden, Stiklestad
In Skalden Restaurant you can buy everything from a cup of coffee and cakes to dinner and snacks. Choose between a dish from an exciting brasserie menu with touches of local ingredients and the special of the day. Breakfast and lunch are also served at Skalden Restaurant.

Verdal Hotell
A family run hotel which serves good and modern homemade food, Verdal Hotell is easily accessible and is found nearby Verdal train station.


Munkeby Inn
A shop and café that is open on Wednesdays 5 pm - 8 pm and Saturdays 12 pm - 5 pm where you can enjoy lunch, coffee and cakes. In June, July and August, the opening hours for the shop and café are Tuesdays to Sundays 12 pm to 7 pm. If you book ahead, however, Munkeby Inn serves dinner any day of the week.

The farm is located by "Pilegrimsleden" (The Pilgrims' Route), between the ruins of Munkeby Abbey and the new Munkeby Mariakloster, 3 miles from Levanger, 51 miles from Trondheim, and is open by request.

Pick Up Café
An american diner attached to Kormann's Candle Factory in Vuddudalen valley. The menu at Pick Up Café includes burgers, club sandwiches, brownies, ice cream and more.

Situated right in the center of Levanger, Kanelstua is a retro cafe and shop with homemade pastries, great coffee and unique bits and bobs.

Thon Baclund Hotell
Enjoy fine dining at the restaurant Backlund at Thon Backlund hotel. Catfish, crawfish, marinated deer, duck breast and other delectable dishes are served in the restaurant.

Galleri Fenka
A venue for art, history and cultural experiences, Gallery Fenka is a former prison that provides food for thought. During the summer season, a cup of coffee can be enjoyed in the old prison yard.


Brød og Cirkus
A cozy restaurant in the middle of Steinkjer, Brød og Cirkus offers good food with local ingredients. Regular hours for drop in guests are Tuesdays to Fridays from 11 am to 10 pm. At other times they are open by request.

Quality Grand Hotell
Grand Hotel switches their menu to fit seasonal produce every other week, so there will always be something new and exciting. At the end of the evening they recommend the lobby bar which can tempt you with exclusive local beer from Steinkjer's own brewery.

Best Western Tingvold Park Hotell
The restaurant at Tingvold Park Hotel offers a la carte menu, where local ingredients and flavours play a big role.

Located in Steinkjer train station, Perrongen is a child friendly restaurant, where breakfast, burgers, pizza, seafood, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Turkish dishes are served. Open every day.

Vårt Hjem
A culture pub in Steinkjer, Vårt Hjem is both a bar, pub and eatery with outdoor seating in summer. The age limit is 20 years, and opening hours are Wednesdays to Thursdays 6 pm to 10 pm, Fridays 6 pm to 2:30 am, Saturdays 12 pm to 2:30 am.

Every Sunday in July during the summer season, drop-in guests are welcomed in the restaurant at Yttervik. Dinner, bar snacks and coffee with refreshments are all available at Yttervik farm. Meals are put together according to season and available ingredients. They emphasise "housewife's fare" and its traditions, combined with international cuisine. Yttervik is certified as Norwegian Ecotourism Enterprise and is a member of Norway's Midpoint. Please contact Yttervik for exact opening hours.

Kåreinnin at Rølia is a small courtyard café with a nice atmosphere and old interior. All baked goods are made with old-fashioned grains and they serve today's snack, artisan breads, pastries and desserts. Kåreinnin Café is a social and fun venue which is open every Thursday during the summer season and is a member of Norway's Midpoint. Please contact Kåreinnin Café for exact opening hours.

Located close to the famous rock carvings of "Bølareinen", Bølabua is a dining venue, where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and homemade coffee bread. However, should you be in need of something a little more substantial, they also serve lunch and dinner. Local produce and dishes made from scratch are important to them, and as far as possible they use local produce and products. Game and fish is often on the menu. Please contact Bølabua for exact opening hours.

Steinkjer's only summer mountain farm in operation, Hatlingsetra serves sour cream porridge, black kettle coffee and offer genuine farm adventures. The mountain farm is in operation in July and some of August and enjoys an idyllic location overlooking Hatlingsetra lake. During the summer season the farm is open to the public on Sundays. There are also opportunities to have your party event here. Hatlingsetra is a member of Norway's Midpoint. Please contact Hatlingsetra for exact opening hours.


This tavern is a popular stopping point and meeting place for wayfarers. In homely premises they have created an informal environment where you can relax, eat and enjoy views of Snåsavatnet before continuing on your way. Snåsakroa focuses on good traditional dishes, including salt meat and suede mash, dumplings, home fried juicy "karbonader" (fried beef patties) and meatballs.

Kafe Midtpunktet
A café located in the center of Snåsa, where they serve waffles and pastries from their own bakery, as well as sandwiches and lunch dishes, in addition to homemade burgers with beef and dried reindeer meat, traditional foods like salt meat, "reinskav" (flakes of reindeer meat), and salmon.Kafe Midtpunktet's opening hours are 10 am to 6 pm Mondays to Fridays, 10 am to 3 pm Saturdays, and 2 pm to 6 pm on Sundays.

A summer mountain farm located at Grønningen in Snåsa, Eggensetra is a wonderful area for both hikers and those who enjoy fishing and canoeing. It is one of the gateways to Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park, and serve dishes based on farm produce from the mountain farm. Eggensetra is one of over 15 active summer mountain farms in Snåsa. The season is in July and August and there's always a summer mountain farm which is open during the summer season. Open by request, or from 2 pm to 6 pm. Please contact Eggensetra for exact opening dates.

At this summer mountain farm you can buy coffee and a bite to eat, or order "Møsbrømlefse" with dessert. Visitors are welcome at Båsdalvollen every weekday during the summer season, except Mondays. Please contact Båsdalsvollen for exact opening dates.

The mountain farm is open in the summer, where you can buy a cup of coffee with a snack, or dinner, though dinners must be ordered in advance. Dravlanseteren serves sour cream porridge, cured ham platter, coffee with refreshments, "lems" and yogurt. Please contact Dravlanseteren serves for exact opening dates.

Snåsa Hotell
The restaurant uses local produce of the best quality available, and serves everything from home cooking to sumptuous dishes. Snåsa Hotell also has a fully licensed bar.

A summer mountain farm that is still engaged in traditional dairy farming and processing of milk, which forms the basis for their production of cream, sour cream, yogurt, full fat milk and the traditional dessert called "gomme". They serve sour cream porridge with "pligg" and coffee from their black kettle heated over the open fire. Holsingsetra isfacilitated for the disabled, with specially adapted trails to the mountain farm and easy access to all buildings. They are open every day during the summer season. Please contact the tourist information office for exact opening dates.

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Last updated:  2015-06-29
In Innherred you can eat local food in scenic surroundings - Photo: Marius Rua
In Innherred you can eat local food in scenic surroundings
Enjoy the atmosphere in a 50s diner in Vudde Valley, Levanger - Photo: Søyseth
Enjoy the atmosphere in a 50s diner in Vudde Valley, Levanger
Innherred offers a huge diversity in local dishes, including cloudberries - Photo: Hatlingsetra
Innherred offers a huge diversity in local dishes, including cloudberries
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Try the local dish called

Dining in Innherred

Innherred offers a voyage of discovery with a huge diversity of local dishes. Along the Golden Route you can buy and taste local farm products.

Dining in Innherred

Source: Visitnorway


Eating along Kystriksveien

You will find many places offering good food along Kystriksveien, from fine dining restaurants to corner shops selling local produce.

About Innherred

Key facts about Innherred

Within a distance of 25 miles you will find the towns of Levanger, Verdal and Steinkjer. Steinkjer is the largest town in Nord-Trøndelag.

Tourist Information in Innherred

The tourist information office in Innherred is open all year round, while the offices in Verdal, Levanger and Inderøy are open only in the summer.

Tourist information along Kystriksveien

The tourist information center in Steinkjer will help you book accommodation and plan a tailor-made itinerary for your trip along Kystriksveien.

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