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Hiking in Innherred, Norway - Photo: Steinkjer Kommuneskoger
Hiking in Innherred, Norway Photo: Steinkjer Kommuneskoger

Hiking in Innherred

Join a historical guided hike and stay at Lågvassbua Cabin and Brandheia Wilderness Camp. Or what about following the pilgrim trail to Stikelstad?

1. Day trip to Norway's geographical center

From the center of Steinkjer drive along fv. 762 road for 40 kilometers until you reach Lake Lustadvatnet in Ogndal. This is about nine kilometers after passing Gaulstad.

From the car park, you first follow a gravelled path before another path takes you all the way to Norway's geographical center. After approximately nine kilometers the path goes in two directions by an information post. From here there is a 500-meter-long detour to the geographic center area and about one kilometer to Lake Skjækervatnet.

The Setertjønnhytta Cabin and a picnic area are situated next to where the path parts, and here you get a nice overview over the Skjækerfjella Mountains. In total the path is about 10 kilometers long.

There are accommodation possibilities in the Norwegian Trekking Association's (DNT) Setertjønnhytta Cabin (right next to Norway's geographical center) as well as in the Lågvassbua Cabin (two kilometers south).

2. Day trip to Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella National Park

This day trip will take you through mountain and forrest terrain. You can easily extend it by spending a night or two in cabins or your own tent. The path goes through the municipalities of Verdal, Steinkjer, Snåsa, Grong and Lierne in the direction of Sweden.

  • Distance: About 10 kilometers one way
  • Time: About two hours
  • This path has wooden signposts all the way.

3. A two-day trip with overnight stay at Lågvassbua Cabin

From Steinkjer drive on fv. 762 to Ogndalen (signs from the center of Steinkjer) to the parking place by Lake Lustadvatnet (about 40 kilometers).

The first part of the trip follows the path leading to the geographical center of Norway (see above). After about seven to eight kilometers you will see a signposted path towards Lågvassbua Cabin. 

You are now about one-and-a-half kilometers away from Norway's geographical center. Walking there and back will add an extra three kilometers to the hike. 

The first part of the path to Lågvassbu goes through boggy terrain, before it gradually turns right and goes up. Especially the first part can be pretty soft, but the path is marked in red and easy to follow. From the path to Lågvassbua it is about three kilometers.

Lågvassbua is a cabin of high standard with one part that you can rent with six beds and an open part with necessary equipment. Fishing in Lake Lågvatnet is free, and the cabin has a boat, net and fishing with rod and otter. 

The way from Lågvassbua to Litj Gaulstad is about eight kilometers where the first two go slightly upwards in the mountain. From here the path goes straight down to the Damtjønndalen Valley and follows it all the way to the parking lot by Litj Gaulstad. The terrain in the last stretch is varied and makes for a magnificent tour experience.

From Litj Gaulstad back to the car park at Lustadvatnet there are more than five kilometers, so some might want to order transport from the farm at Mokk. Transportation must be booked in advance by phone: +47 74 14 47 52. Mokk Farm also offers accommodation, food and guided tours for groups and individuals. Tip: If you bring a bike, leave it at Litj Gaulstad so that one person can cycle to Lake Lustadvatnet to pick up the car.

  • Moderate trip – you should be used to hiking.
  • Distance: 20 kilometers, 25 kilometers if walking the last part

4. Historical hike with guide, food and accommodation

From the center of Steinkjer you drive along fv. 762 road for 17 kilometers until you reach Røysing. 11 kilometers from Røysing you are in Brandheia Wilderness Camp. The trip starts with a hike to Sansberget next to Kippe. You carry on to Natsjøberget, an old castle from about 500 AD. Here you take a break for eating before walking on to Vinillen, another old castle from the same period. From Vinillen hike back via Stodheimen and Aunhevlen before returning to the camp.

After the hike you might be tempted to try the sauna and take a swim in Lake Østervatnet.

In the evening you will be served a delicious dinner. Choose between indoor beds or spending the night in a sleeping bag in the camp. 

The following day you will get coffee and a short morning walk. Then you will be served the wilderness breakfast. If you are interested in getting more nature experiences in Ogndalen, several companies offer different guided tours of hiking and history.

  • The trip is easy. You can extend it by spending nights in cabins or your own tent. The trip goes through a special landscape area, and takes you to the Blåfjella–Skjækerfjella National Park.
  • Distance: About 11 kilometers
  • About two hours  
  • Guided tour

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Last updated:  2013-07-17
Hiking in Blåfjella- Skjækerfjella National Park in Norway - Photo: Ingvild Freland
Hiking in Blåfjella- Skjækerfjella National Park in Norway
Fishing in Lågvatnet, Innherred in Norway - Photo: Steinkjer Kommuneskoger
Fishing in Lågvatnet, Innherred in Norway
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Hiking in Innherred, Norway - Photo: Steinkjer Kommuneskoger

Hiking in Innherred

Join a historical guided hike and stay at Lågvassbua Cabin and Brandheia Wilderness Camp. Or what about following the pilgrim trail to Stikelstad?

Hiking in Innherred

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Tour suggestions in Innherred

The less traveled roads in Innherred take you to the places that are most worth seeing, like the Golden Route or the Trondheimfjord.

What to do

The best place for fishing along Kystriksveien is Saltstraumen. Hiking and biking are other popular activities.

About Innherred

Key facts about Innherred

Within a distance of 25 miles you will find the towns of Levanger, Verdal and Steinkjer. Steinkjer is the largest town in Nord-Trøndelag.

Tourist Information in Innherred

The tourist information office in Innherred is open all year round, while the offices in Verdal, Levanger and Inderøy are open only in the summer.

Tourist information along Kystriksveien

The tourist information center in Steinkjer will help you book accommodation and plan a tailor-made itinerary for your trip along Kystriksveien.

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