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Farm in Innherred, Norway - Photo: Steinar Johansen
Farm in Innherred, Norway Photo: Steinar Johansen

Tour suggestions in Innherred

The less traveled roads in Innherred take you to the places that are most worth seeing, like the Golden Route or the Trondheimfjord.

Below you will find some tour suggestions. Driving is a great way to explore the beautiful countryside of Innherred.

Lake Leksdalsvatn

The lake is located between Verdal and Steinkjer. Its circumference is about 20 miles and there is a good road going all the way around.

Up until 1950, there was timber floating down the Figga River to Steinkjer.

Suitable places for an outing nearby include the Stiklestad National Cultural Center and Steinkjer town center.


Take the car ferry from Levanger to the island of Ytterøy – the pearl of the Trondheimfjord. The island has a network of roads which is perfect for round trip excursions either by car or bicycle.

Ytterøy has one of Norway's densest stocks of roe deer. It is also a place of historical significance. Mining operations over the past three centuries have been of much importance to the island, and they still are to this day.

Around the Trondheimfjord

Steinkjer and Stiklestad are two good starting points for this tour. In Steinkjer you may want to visit Egge Museum, and in Stiklestad we can recommend the National Cultural Center.

Continue your drive along E6 to Asp and then on to fv. 17 (Kystriksveien). Drive to Hjellbotn and then exit on to fv. 720 towards Malm and Follafoss. You will first arrive in Malm and then drive through the villages of Follafoss, Verrastranda and Verrabotn. You will then enter the municipality of Mosvik and drive via the Trongsund Sound to the Skarnsund Sound, where one of the world’s longest cable-stayed bridges will take you over to Inderøy.

The Golden Route

This round trip takes you through the beautiful cultural landscapes along fv. 761 (with side roads) in the municipality of Inderøy.

The Golden Route, "Den Gyldne Omvei", in the heart of Trøndelag is an interesting stretch defined by 23 small businesses and sights.

Here you will find an art gallery, a small sculpture park, crafts, farm products based on local recipes, accommodation and a wide range of activities.

Medieval churches

Why not plan an excursion around Innherred's churches from the Middle Ages? The relatively large concentration of medieval churches bears testimony to Innherred's great prosperity in the 1100s.

Start out at Alstadhaug Church in Skogn, a church dating from 1180, just near one of the county's largest burial mounds.

Stiklestad Church in Verdal further north is a Roman church that also dates from 1180. It is built on the site where St. Olav was killed during the battle in 1030.

Back on the E6, the trip continues northwards to Mære Church, which was built in 1199.

Towards Inderøy on fv. 761, you first come to Hustad Church at Sandvollan, the smallest of the medieval churches. The church is encircled by a notched log fence that is the only one of its kind remaining in Trøndelag.

Finally, at Straumen in Inderøy, you will come to Sakshaug Old Church. It is likely that the stone masons who built the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim participated in erecting this church at the end of the 1100s. Look for the characteristic demon masks in the church décor.

A map and directions are available at visitinnherred.com.


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Last updated:  2013-08-28
Mære Church in Steinkjer, Norway - Photo: Kystriksveien Reiseliv
Mære Church in Steinkjer, Norway
Skarnsundbrua Bridge, Norway - Photo: Innherred Reiseliv
Skarnsundbrua Bridge, Norway
View over Skarnsundet in Innherred, Norway - Photo: Skarnsundet Fjordsenter
View over Skarnsundet in Innherred, Norway
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Farm in Innherred, Norway - Photo: Steinar Johansen

Tour suggestions in Innherred

The less traveled roads in Innherred take you to the places that are most worth seeing, like the Golden Route or the Trondheimfjord.

Tour suggestions in Innherred

Source: Visitnorway


Hiking in Innherred

Join a historical guided hike and stay at Lågvassbua Cabin and Brandheia Wilderness Camp. Or what about following the pilgrim trail to Stikelstad?

What to do

The best place for fishing along Kystriksveien is Saltstraumen. Hiking and biking are other popular activities.

About Innherred

Key facts about Innherred

Within a distance of 25 miles you will find the towns of Levanger, Verdal and Steinkjer. Steinkjer is the largest town in Nord-Trøndelag.

Tourist Information in Innherred

The tourist information office in Innherred is open all year round, while the offices in Verdal, Levanger and Inderøy are open only in the summer.

Tourist information along Kystriksveien

The tourist information center in Steinkjer will help you book accommodation and plan a tailor-made itinerary for your trip along Kystriksveien.

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