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Skåtøy Church, Norway - Photo: Reisemål Kragerø
Skåtøy Church, Norway Photo: Reisemål Kragerø

Tour suggestions in Kragerø

The cluster of offshore islands with their own special features offers attractive tours. There are regular daily ferry routes to the main islands.


Jomfruland is a long, flat island forming a protective barrier between the other islands and the open Skagerrak Sea. Ferries make regular daily trips between it and the mainland.

The island is a part of a glacial moraine stretching from the Baltic Sea through Sweden and along the Norwegian coast. A favourable climate and lush vegetation have attracted a great variety of birds: Some 60 to 70 species nest here.

Nature's beauty is visible every spring in a special way for the mass of visitors who come to the pancake-flat island to view the marvellous flowering of the wood anemone among mighty, magical oak trees. 

Jomfruland is also part of the Gea Norvegica Geological Park due to its importance position in European geology. The varied geology of this area is significant in both a national and an international context.

The island's two lighthouses are well-known landmarks. The older lighthouse began operating in 1839, and ever since then has guided ships making their way into Kragerø. This old lighthouse, now considered one of Telemark's most important historical sites, is run as a local museum during the summer months. The lighthouse's garden is a popular summer concert venue, whilst art exhibitions are arranged in the keeper's house.
"Tårnbrygga", the wharf nearest the lighthouses is the usual starting point for visitors' tours. The surroundings of the nearby Haga Inn are well-suited for outdoor activities and recreation, while the sandy beach with its gradual and shallow slope is a perfect place for families with children.

A marked and disabled-friendly nature/culture trail leads out to the lighthouse pond ("Tårntjerna") and starts in the leafy forests close by. This is where the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen found the inspiration for his painting of the Water Sprite ("Nøkken").


Skåtøy is the largest of Kragerø's islands. Over the years, a great many artists have lived here for longer or shorter periods of time.

The ferry makes several daily calls. From the ferry landing at Skåtøyroa it is seven easy kilometers to Korset at the tip of the island. The road passes close to Skåtøy Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Islands. The church, built in 1862, is Norway's third largest timbered church.

Krikken Coastal Fort lies on the outermost shore of Western Skåtøy. The fort was built by the Germans during World War II. Trenches, underground rooms and passageways have now been opened to the public. A stop here is an exciting experience steeped in history. Children will enjoy the opportunity to explore the area. Do not forget to bring a torch!


Portør, on the outermost point of the Levang Penninsula, was long one of the most important of the outer coastal harbours. Portør was mentioned as early as in Snorre's Sagas of the Kings. Countless dramatic events have taken place in these waters. An old pilot station with guard room lies here, as well as a reconstruction of an early optical telegraph. Numerous archaeological finds have also been made here.

Portør is just as fascinating in autumn and winter, when stormy winds howl and breakers pound the shore, as it is when the sun bakes on its beaches during summer.


Stangnes also lies along the turn-off road to Portør. This is an outstanding and award-winning recreational area with smooth and gentle cliff sides sloping down to the swimming areas. The peace and quiet of this delightful spot is ensured by restricting traffic to a parking area a short walk away from it.

All summer long members of the Kragerø and Skåtøy Hiking Association use the fisherman's cottage built in the 1870s as an informal café where they serve coffee and waffles. 

Last updated:  2013-07-10
The lighthouses on Jomfruland, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke
The lighthouses on Jomfruland, Norway
Stangnes recreational area, Kragerø - Photo: Reisemål Kragerø
Stangnes recreational area, Kragerø
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Skåtøy Church, Norway - Photo: Reisemål Kragerø

Tour suggestions in Kragerø

The cluster of offshore islands with their own special features offers attractive tours. There are regular daily ferry routes to the main islands.

Tour suggestions in Kragerø

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About Kragerø


The cozy town of Kragerø is surrounded by islands and skerries, making it a favorite for experiencing coastal life and culture of Southern Norway.

Key facts about Kragerø

Kragerø lies furthest south in the county of Telemark. The town is home to some 11,000 residents.

Tourist information in Kragerø

The Kragerø Tourist Office is located in the old railway station in the centre of town. It helps visitors during the summer season.

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