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Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen in Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life DH
Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen in Norway Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life DH

Where to stay in Helgeland

Stay in a traditional Norwegian fisherman's cabin, in an authentic small hotel on the coast or in a historic hotel in Mosjøen or Mo i Rana.

Historic hotels

The cosy Fru Haugans Hotel in Mosjøen is a member of the Historic Hotels and Restaurants of Norway. It is the oldest hotel in Northern Norway and has an idyllic location at the end of Sjøgata, the historic part of Mosjøen dating from the 19th century. The hotel has two restaurants serving local food, and offers free fishing from its own garden and jetty.

Meyergården Hotel, in the Arctic Circle town of Mo i Rana, dates back to 1890 and boasts a central location in town. The hotel is renowned for its historical restaurant serving local food.

Traditional guesthouses

Klokkergården is an authentic guesthouse on the island of Rødøy, just above the Arctic Circle. The restored building was originally a school and is one of the oldest houses on the island. Klokkergården enjoys spectacular views of the Helgeland coast and is well known for its outstanding local cuisine.

Gjesthusene i Sjøgata offers accommodation in traditional boat houses in the historic part of Mosjøen, Sjøgata. The guesthouses have been restored and furnished with the rich history of the town in mind.

Fishermen's cabins (rorbu)

Situated far out at sea on the island of Træna, Træna Rorbuferie has 13 fishermen’s cabins for rent. Here you can also hire bikes for getting around the island and boats for fishing.

Located on the island of Lovund, Lovund Rorbu Hotell boasts a great location close to puffin nesting grounds and offers excellent views of the unique mountain formations on the neighbouring island of Træna. Hotel rooms, cabins and fishermen’s cabins are all available to rent. Maaken, the in-house restaurant, serves local food of a high standard.

The islands of Onøy and Lurøy are an ideal base for an active holiday in Helgeland. Lurøy Rorbuer is situated right on the seafront and offers a good standard of accommodation in modern fishermen’s cabins.

Elfis Sjøcaming on the island of Herøy offers modern accommodation in an idyllic location, also by the waterside.

Farm accommodation

Situated in a picturesque setting in inner Helgeland, Sæterstad Gård in Varntresk, 40 kilometres from Hattfjelldal, serves local food and has a small shop with produce from the farm. Good fishing lakes and walking opportunities can be found in the surrounding areas.

 Sivertgården Farmis also situated close to the farming village of Hattfjelldal in the valley of Famnvassdalen. Surrounded by lakes and mountains it is an ideal base if you are looking to enjoy the outdoors. 

Dønnes Gård was once Northern Norway’s largest landed estate, owning enormous tracts of land. Today, the main building and several other farm buildings have been restored and the estate offers accommodation and food to visitors.

Horse riding or riding lessons on Icelandic horses are available from Langfjell Gård. The farm lies in Plurdalen, about 20 kilometres north of Mo i Rana.

Stay in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

In the Vega Islands, in the midst of the realm of the eider duck, far out at sea, you will discover the small islands of Hysværet and the family-run guesthouse Gåkkå Mathus og Overnatting. The owners serve outstanding food accompanied by interesting stories.

Vega Havhotell, also in the Vega Islands, is well known for its kitchen and atmosphere. The hotel serves home-made food from the freshest and finest local ingredients.

Lighthouse accommodation

The island of Myken is situated far out at sea, directly facing the mighty Atlantic. Accommodation is available for small groups in the old lighthouse on the island - Myken Fyr. Myken is ideal for divers and windsurfers. 

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Klokkergården, Helgeland in Norway - Photo: Torbjørn Tråslett/Polarsirkelen Reiseliv
Klokkergården, Helgeland in Norway
Lovund Rorbu Hotell, Helgeland in Norway - Photo: Lovund Rorbu Hotell
Lovund Rorbu Hotell, Helgeland in Norway
Gåkkå Mathus og Overnatting at Hysværet, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life NR
Gåkkå Mathus og Overnatting at Hysværet, Norway

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Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen in Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life DH

Where to stay in Helgeland

Stay in a traditional Norwegian fisherman's cabin, in an authentic small hotel on the coast or in a historic hotel in Mosjøen or Mo i Rana.

Where to stay in Helgeland

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