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Hoddevik in Nordfjord, Norway - Photo: CH/Innovation Norway
Hoddevik in Nordfjord, Norway Photo: CH/Innovation Norway

Environmental certifications in Norway

We have made it easier for you to travel green. Find the most environmentally friendly hotels and activities in Norway.

The green hotels and activities are qualified as environmentally friendly and have earned a certificate. They meet strict ecological and performance criteria within categories as waste, water, energy, purchase, chemicals and more. The green certifications are voluntary arrangements that include an independent control.

The certificate is your guarantee for taking part in reducing impact on the environment.

The main green certifications you will meet in Norway are:

The ecolabel Nordic Swan

The ecolabel Nordic Swan – operated by the Foundation for Ecolabelling. This Nordic scheme provides the enterprises with strict, exact and high level environmental criteria within waste, water, energy and supplier chain. All criteria have to be met before certification is reached. The criteria are continuously improved. More information on ecolabel Nordic Swan.


Eco-Lighthouse – a national scheme operated by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. A large amount of enterprises throughout the country are certified. Eco-lighthouse  provides both an environmental managing system and concrete actions for better environmental performance. Certificate is renewed after three years.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 – an international standard for environmental management. In Norway the standard is owned by Standard Norway. Six Norwegian companies are accredited to certify enterprises according to ISO 14001.  This scheme provides the enterprise with a high quality environmental managing system for organizational performance on the environment. It is this management system that is certified. More information on ISO 14001.

Ecotourism Norway

Ecotourism Norway – a national scheme operated by Innovation Norway that holds a high international level in ecotourism. The certified enterprise has to meet 100 strict criteria on environmental performance, host-role, local community integration and purchasing. Certificate renewed every three years if criteria and improvement is approved. More information on Ecotourism Norway.

Last updated:  2014-10-20
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Hoddevik in Nordfjord, Norway - Photo: CH/Innovation Norway

Environmental certifications in Norway

We have made it easier for you to travel green. Find the most environmentally friendly hotels and activities in Norway.

Environmental certifications in Norway

Source: Visitnorway

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