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Using cell phones whilst travelling in Norway

Five tips for getting the most value for money from your mobile device whilst travelling in Norway.

1. Take the right plug adaptors

Make sure you have packed plug adaptors for your various electrical devices. Norway compatible plug adaptors should be readily available from larger electronics stores in your home country. This will allow you to keep your cell phone charged while you are in Norway. Norway uses plug types "C" and "F" which is the standard across continental Europe.

2. Add international roaming to your cell phone account

Most mobile airtime providers offer this option to account owners. This allows you make and receive calls using your regular number and your regular handset whilst you are traveling. You can also access your usual data services.  This option is usually the simplest, but also the most expensive, especially for data services.

A good tip is to try to restrict your use of mobile data services to locations where you can access a local wi-fi network. These are very widespread in Norway. Most restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping centres or even petrol stations have free wi-fi available.

3. Rent a Norwegian mobile phone

Locally registered cell phones can be rented from the following providers:
Cello Mobile 

4. Rent a SIM card

This is a popular option for experienced travellers, and an easy way to access the web, check emails, use your favourite apps or Skype with friends and family at home. Services are pay as you go.

National Geographic via their partnership with Cellular Abroad offers SIM cards for international travellers to Norway and 200 other locations.

OneSIMCard offers a similar service.

5. International phone calls in Norway 

Dial "00" followed by your two or three digit country code, the area code and phone number. A New York number, for example, would be 00 1 212 555 1212.

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Last updated:  2013-08-06

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Using cell phones whilst travelling in Norway

Five tips for getting the most value for money from your mobile device whilst travelling in Norway.

Using cell phones whilst travelling in Norway

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