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Haugesund Tourist Association

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The mountains of Haugalandet, stretching from Olalia in Ølen to Seljestad. Fine hiking area for long or short trips during summer and winter. Marked tracks with many overnighting chalets (Haugesund Tourist Association). Access to the Etne mountains is from Skarstøl in Litledalen. Snow ploughs keep the road clear in the winter and at Easter. There are many local points from which to start your trip, some streching as far as Rullestad.

The broad mountain range that stretches from Seljestad to Ølen contains a lot of exciting landscapes. Looking up from highway R-11 along Åkrafjorden Fjord, the terrain seems steep and inaccessible, but once you're up on the top of the mountain range you will quickly realise that the Etnefjell Mountains contain a host of good hiking trials, lush mountain valleys and imposing 1400 metre high summits. To the south and east the range is known as the Saudafjell Mountains, where the terrain is typified by large extended valleys such as Slettedalen Valley, Åbødalen Valley and Nordstødalen Valley.
You come directly in to the Etnefjell Mountains if you are hiking from the direction of the Hardanger Plateau and Seljestad. Otherwise, the hiking trails begin almost down at fjord level and you will need to tolerate some steep climbing on the first day in order to reach the cabins in this beautiful mountain range. Several of the hiking trails skirt the edges of placid reservoirs while the combination of sheer mountain cliff and precipitation create impressive waterfalls, most of which have luckily avoided being harnessed for electricity.
For those interested in history, there are several burial mounds dating from the Viking period that are well worth closer inspection. For example, the burial mound 1 km north of Sandvasshytta Cabin is especially well preserved. More recent history is recalled with the memorial plaque located at Lake Vaulo, between Simlebu and Sandvasshytta Cabin, which sites some of the drama of Word War II that occurred on the Etnefjell Mountains.
The most popular routes are: Seljestad to Simlebu and further, via Sandvasshytta and Blomstølen to Øyno.
Good Starting points: Seljestad, Rullestadjuvet, Markhus, Teigland (Kyrping), Øyno, Frette, Litledalen (Etne), Opheim, Svandalen, Nordstødalen, Buer and Slettedalen.


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Haugesund Tourist Association

The mountains of Haugalandet, stretching from Olalia in Ølen to Seljestad. Fine hiking area for long or short trips during summer and winter. Marked tr...

Haugesund Tourist Association

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