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The pilgrim-road

Read more: Pilegrimsleden Fokstugu Read more: Pilegrimsleden Furughaugli
Read more: Pilegrimsleden Fokstugu
Read more: Pilegrimsleden Furughaugli

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The pilgrim-road is a walking-route from Oslo to Trondheim. It serves as a spiritual and cultural enlightenment, remembering Olav the Holly, and it gives pilgrims of today a lasting experience

Pilgrims in the middle-adges

King Olav Haraldsson was killed in the battle of Stiklestad the 29th of July in 1030, and was sainted the following year. The Nidarosdomen in Trondheim was built on top of his sarcafogus, and from all of northern Europe pilgrims came to the town. Many of whom walked across the Dovrefjell.

New interrest for the pilgrimage

After the reformation (1536) the pilgrims no longer walked to Nidaros. Today the pilgrims have experienced a renessance. The modern pilgrim searches for his roots, his identity and the meaning of life.

The pilgrim-road across Dovrefjell

Dovrefjell has a central place in the norwegian history. When the constitution was written in Eidsvoll the people gathered around a motto: "United and loyal untill the fall of Dovre!"

In these mountains the Dovregubbe belongs, he who can be seen in the epic drama "Peer Gynt" by Henrik Ibsen. We can find the Dovre-railroad, and last - but not least - Dovrefjell was made known by the pilgrims.

The Storrust bridge

A reconstructed bridge crossing Lågen south of Dovreskogen

The building-historical park

A park depicting an old sawmill, tar-making and examples of old buildings.


Dovre Church from 1736.

Dombås Church from 1939.

Eystein-church from 1969.

The Olav fountain

To the south of Tofte the pilgrim-road passes a fountain, known as The Olav Fountain. It is named so after the holly St. Olav, and it"s water is supposed to do children good.


Tofte is an old farm, known for being used by kings. The king Harald Hårfagre, who gathered norway to one kingdom, found his Snøfrid near the farm. Snøfrid gave him four sons.


In norwegian Budsjord means "The bishop"s land", and this farm belonged to the archbishop of Nidaros. It is now a protected farm, containing 17 buildings.


In the mountains you will find a rock, where the pilgrims praid for protection and blessing for the journey across the mountain.


At the highest point of the pilgrim-road, 1.210 meters above the sea, we find a scree where the pilgrims would place a rock for luck.


One of the four mountain-lodges in Dovrefjell.


People lived here from the viking-era to the black plague (1349). Many pilgrims spent the night here.

The Eystein-church

King Eystein Magnusson (1103 - 1123) named this church. He also built mountain-lodges in Dovrefjell

Hjerkinn Fjellstue

This mountain-lodge is supposedly the oldest of its kind in Dovrefjell. Below the lodge a stave-church was situated in the medieval-times. This was the original Eystein-church.

The gate

A gate that was erected between to councils and two parts of the country. In this place a portal was erected to welcome the new king when he travelled to Nidraos for his coronation.

Further information

Pilgrim-days in Dovrefjell. Every year in July there are hikes, concerts, plays, exibits and services. Detailed program can be found at the tourist-office.


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The pilgrim-road

The pilgrim-road

The pilgrim-road is a walking-route from Oslo to Trondheim. It serves as a spiritual and cultural enlightenment, remembering Olav the Holly, and it g...

The pilgrim-road

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