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Holt Gård

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Holidays at a living organic farm with horses, cows, cats, rabbits
m.m. Homemade from the stone oven and delicious food from the farm. Nice common room. Simple and charming accommodation. Close to the Vestfold coast.

Bed & Breakfast
In the weeks between 26 June and 17 August you can sample the farm life. you may be involved in animal care, outings, hestetur, gardening, cooking, baking m.m.

During school holidays we offer dagleir in week 26, 25 -29 June. You're going to morning and return home in the afternoon (08.00 to 16.30). Then you can be working on a farm, cooking, hestetur, interacting with the animals and create things of
natural materials. We make a common meal of the day and little by dinner as fruit, waffles clip, etc. Suitable for children from 8 to 14 years. At other times, we can also offer dagleir by appointment.

The farm disposes single rooms for accommodation and holiday that can be rented throughout the the year for shorter or longer periods.

In "Brakkebygrenda" we "School barracks", "Towers barracks" and "Downstairs."

Towers barracks in two floors, double sleeps up with tables and
kitchenette downstairs. Means water (12 m2).

School barracks has a bed space, good writing / study space and a chest of drawers (9 m2).

Downstairs is closest to the garden. Two beds, chest of drawers, a table and two chairs (9 m2).

Toilet and common rooms are in the wash house, 50 meters away.

Living room is the largest room and is adjacent to the main house. Space for a family of up to 5 people in a large room of the logs. Fireplace. Own entrance and private toilet. Easy cooking facilities (40 m2). access the common room in the laundry room.

The cabin is located on the other side of Brakkebygrenda, over the rock. Here are four beds, loft, living room, balcony and kitchenette. Privy in connection with cabin. Cold water (40 m2). Access to shower and common in the wash house.


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6/26/2012 - 8/17/2012
Mon - Sun
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Holt Gård

Holt Gård

Holidays at a living organic farm with horses, cows, cats, rabbits m.m. Homemade from the stone oven and delicious food from the farm. Nice common roo...

Holt Gård

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