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Knyken Ski Center

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Read more: Knyken

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Knyken Centre is located in the municipality Orkdal, 4 mil south of Trondheim. Skiing is owned by Orkdal Sports and operated by skiavdelinga in sports, and it has become a plant of great regional significance. Skiing can now submit bids in most skidisipliner and is open to all who wish to use the facility for sports, exercise or outdoor activities. In 1996 Knyken Ski granted status as a regional facility.

The complex consists of five ski jumps. All the slopes are floodlit, judging towers and access to a lift. A lighted trail for about 5 km. Surrounding the plant, and in connection with the we have a great stadium and clearly with tidtakerbu and other necessary equipment selection. We also have a floodlit biathlon facility, in connection with the stadium, with 20 modern reversible shoot slices. Moreover, we have a network of trails at about 12 km. Knyken Centre has a separate play area for children with free children's ski lifts.

Skiing major driving force, has gradually turned out to be alpine plant as it stands today after two stages. With 2 lifts, 4 runs totaling approx. 3000 m and floodlighting, the resorts from all sides in the municipality.

All plants, except for ski jumps and biathlon facility, meet the requirements that had to be set for major events such as NM, etc. The most recent events in the plant was the Norwegian Championships in 1993.

We also have the machinery needed to prepare the facility. And get a machine with a winch was acquired in 2001.
In 2005, it acquired a track machine intended for use in skiing trails and hiking trails.

In connection with the resorts we have "Knykstuggu" which includes a large cafeteria, kitchen, flows office, office, meeting room, laundry room / storage, showers, changing rooms, gymnasium, stage, storage rooms, boiler rooms, etc. The plant has a large garage with garage, heated room, smørebod etc. . The total buildings in Knyken currently represents approximately 1200 m2.

The facility has two large parking spaces for use in connection with major events.

During the winter, the plant has opened every day and all the facilities may be used. It is only a lift system that is subject to a fee for users. Also the public from neighboring uses the facility regularly. In addition to normal activity the facility regularly used by the sports bar at Orkdal high school and open-air bar at Torshus Folkehøgskule. In addition, schools, and mental retardation facility.

The facility is at the level as it is today, and to keep it open for all who desire it, this requires a tremendous volunteer effort by members of Orkdal IL. At all times, be expected. 70 acres of land to be prepared. Orkdal IL Skiavdelinga currently has a staff of full-time and, in addition to what we have about 150 people go in shifts (by volunteers) in the kitchen, such as alpine guards, machine drive, etc. How many hours it is, we do not make figures on, but we know that there are more than 7,500 hours per season.

We dare say that Knyken Centre as "compact plant" is unique and that one must look far beyond Trøndelag boundaries before a find something similar. We have repeatedly confirmed from visitors from other parts of the country.


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Knyken Ski Center

Knyken Ski Center

Knyken Centre is located in the municipality Orkdal, 4 mil south of Trondheim. Skiing is owned by Orkdal Sports and operated by skiavdelinga in sport...

Knyken Ski Center

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