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Film in Norway's largest planetarium

Film in Norway's largest planetarium Photo: Nordnorsk Vitensenter
Film in Norway's largest planetarium Photo: Nordnorsk Vitensenter

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Visit Norway’s largest planetarium! The Science Centre of Northern Norway has film screenings in the planetarium. Learn more and be entertained by the wonderful world of science. Screenings every day during the summer. Film screening is included in the admission price.

The films showing are:

Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters brings to life the extraordinary marine reptiles of the dinosaur age. From giraffe-necked Styxosaurus and sea birds with teeth to the T-Rex of the ocean - the 40-foot super-predator Tylosaurus.

Experience the Aurora

For the first time people around the world will be able to experience the beauty, majesty and thrill of the Northern Lights as experienced by those who live around the Arctic Circle. Seven months of winter skywatching, hundreds of thousands photographs and hundreds of hours under the spell of the Aurora, have been condensed into the world's first all dome three hundred and sixty degree, high resolution movie of the Aurora or Northern Lights.

Origin of Life

Origins of Life deals with some of the most profound questions of life science: the origin of life and the human search for life beyond Earth. Starting with the Big Bang, in chronological order, the show deals with prebiotic chemistry in the universe, the formation of stars, formation of solar systems, and the first life on Earth. Furthermore, Origins of Life covers the great extinctions as well as our search for (primitive) life beyond planet Earth.

Heart of the Sun

New space-based telescopes, along with a new generation of terrestrial instruments, capture both the fine surface detail and the vast eruptions of the corona with unprecedented clarity and for the first time take us right inside a living star. The Heart of the Sun delivers new breathtaking, high-resolution motion pictures never before seen in a fulldome theater.

Two Small Pieces of Glass

Join two youths as they attend to a Star Party and learns about telescopes and their history.

Our Living Climate

- a history of climate change on Earth dealing with 3 key themes:

•The Earth’s climate is a complex system that has changed over time
•The Earth’s atmosphere sustains life and has been built by life
•There are important similarities and differences between Earth and other planets

We are Astronomers

Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries. We Are Astronomers reveals the global collaboration, technology, and dedication required to answer the unresolved questions of the Universe.


Every star has a story. Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn bright and end their lives in powerful explosions. New stars are created every day, born of vast clouds of gas and dust. Through every phase of their existence, stars release the energy that powers the Universe. Journey to the farthest reaches of our galaxy and experience both the awesome beauty and destructive power of STARS.

A Magic Northern Lights Night

All-Sky photos of 4,5 hours of northern lights compressed to a stunning 10-minute film.


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Where:Nordnorsk Vitensenter
6/20/2014 - 8/20/2014
Mon - Sun
12:15 PM
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Film in Norway's largest planetarium - Photo: Nordnorsk Vitensenter

Film in Norway's largest planetarium

Visit Norway’s largest planetarium! The Science Centre of Northern Norway has film screenings in the planetarium. Learn more and be entertained by the...

Film in Norway's largest planetarium

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