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3 km long and 70 m wide at the mouth, there are few fjords that can compete with Trollfjord! It is a channel that penetrates deep into the 1000 m high Trolltindan, and finishes in a dead end in the dark and dramatic Raftsundet. The scenery here is terrifyingly imposing. 

For a long time, the rumour had gone round that Trollfjord was choked with fish. On March 6th , five thousand fishermen in 1300 nordic boats (Nordlands boats) lay afloat across the opening into the fjord. Ahead of them loomed a wall of steamships, four abreast, linked and chained to one another from cliff to cliff.

The fishermen were denied entrance to the fjord. The atmosphere became agitated, and open fighting broke out, during which oars, knives, pike poles, and axes were used as weapons. The steamships retaliated with water hoses.

After a short but intense battle, the fishermen managed to overpower the crews on board the steamers. The blockade was broken; the fishermen steamed into the fjord and caught record amounts of fish.

This was the first signal that a new era had begun: that of the steamer and seine-nets-capitalism’s inroad in the fishing industry.


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3 km long and 70 m wide at the mouth, there are few fjords that can compete with Trollfjord! It is a channel that penetrates deep into the 1000 m high...


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The islands of Vesterålen tempt you with midnight sun, northern lights, whale safaris, fishing and hiking.

Attractions in Vesterålen

Visit the Whale Centre in Andenes, the fishing village of Nyksund, Møysalen National Park and experience the narrow Trollfjord from a boat.

Tour suggestions in Vesterålen

Go hiking in the footsteps of the Norwegian Queen Sonja, feed the reindeers of the Samis or explore old fishing villages by bike.

Key facts about Vesterålen

Some of the country's richest fishing grounds are located in Vesterålen.

Where to stay in Vesterålen

Stay in a fisherman's cabin, pitch your tent beside the sea or stay in a hotel in the town of Stokmarknes.

What to do in Vesterålen

Vesterålen has a lot of opportunities, whether you want to explore the islands yourself or are more interested in guided trips and safaris.
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