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Nedre Tovdal Laksefiskelag

Tovdalselva offers varied fishing from the sea and the 35 km up empty Herefoss fjord where the salmon's journey ends.

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Tovdalselva was considered the third best salmon river in the late 1800's. In the 1800s it was taken up to 18 000 kg of salmon annually. Today, work is activity to build up a new salmon stocks to the delight of anglers from home and abroad. Tovdalselva offers varied fishing from the sea and the 35 km up empty Herefoss fjord where the salmon's journey ends. In addition to salmon fishing to the river offers fishing for sea trout, trout, perch, whitefish, eel and char.

In Tovdalen river there are five different zones to fish in.

Zone 1: start at the end of Topdal Lake and extends to Knarrestad, a few hundred meters downstream Boen farm. Total a distance of approx. 6 km. Zone division is marked with signs. Here the river is relatively slow moving with lots of vegetation along the banks. There are also a lot of yards and buildings. That's why fishing ban from land. Fishing from land requires the landowner's permission. However, it is permitted to fish from shore at Tveit Vicarage. It is permitted to fish from a boat on the entire stretch. Trolling is allowed. Zone 1 is the most important part of the river for the reproduction of trout and can at times provide very good trout fishing. Fishing is generally good throughout the zone, but feel free to ask locals about the fishing grounds. Zone 1 is best for lure and fly, but in flood periods also provide worm good catches.

Zone 2
Zone 2 extends from Buestad to Krageboen approx. 200 m upstream Boen bridge. A distance of approx. 1.3 km. Most of the eastern side of this zone is reserved for private fishing. It is allowed to fish from Knarrestad and 200 m up the bank of the river where the border is marked with signs. Zone 2 offers river's most exclusive fishing. The section has several good pools and rapids and two waterfalls. Sona has a variety of fish and suitable for both lures, flies and worms. It is not allowed to fish between the top of BOEN sawmill and Dobbin. The protection limit by Dobbin is marked with signs. Riverfront along this zone, much of the mountains and rocks as in rainy periods are slippery. Show caution.
NB! It is not allowed to fish with fly and float in Zone 2 as of the 2005 season.

Zone 3
Zone 3 represents the river stretch upstream Boen bridge to the middle of Luck Water. The route starts about. 200 m upstream Boen bridge.
The river downstream Flakk Water consists of both the liquid and more turbulent rapids, especially in the upper part. The zone is very good fly fishing for trout and salmon, but also has areas suitable for lures and worms.
Some local driver trap fishing for eels. Also fishing for eels with worms are becoming popular in the zone.

Zone 4
The river upstream Flakk Water and up to Herefoss waterfall area is considerably more varied, with several rapids and small waterfalls. Here is the fisherman a multitude of possibilities. Both flies, lures and worms fishermen will find great rapids, pools and other areas to fish here. The fine pools and pools suitable for worm fishing.

Zone 5
Zone 5 consists of Herefossfjorden. The zone is defined as inland fishing, but salmon is also up in the fjord. Herefossfjorden is large and deep. Here you can fish from land and from boats. There is an abundant populations of trout and perch, but there are also some whitefish and vendace. Also good in winter for ice fishing.

Fishing in Tovdalselva is permitted from 01.06 to 31.08 in zone 1 - 4 In zone 5 you can fish all year round.

You can buy fishing licenses in www.laksefisk.no, Green Mountain Sports, Tveit Instant Buy, Best Birkeland and Heregoss center. New salmon ladder leads the salmon to Birkeland / Herefoss.


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Nedre Tovdal Laksefiskelag

Tovdalselva was considered the third best salmon river in the late 1800's. In the 1800s it was taken up to 18 000 kg of salmon annually. Today, work...

Nedre Tovdal Laksefiskelag

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