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City Bikes for rent in Trondheim, Lademoparken

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There are city bikes available in Trondheim.
Tourst city bike cards are available from the Tourst Information Office in Nordreg. 11.


The price of renting a smartbike card is; 50,- NOK for one day 100,- NOK for two days 150,- NOK for three days 300,.- NOK for one week

Deposit of 200 NOK or € 25. You will get the deposit back when you deliver the card.

The card must be returned to the tourist office within the opening hours. This is the only place you can return it.

If you fail to deliver the card in time, we will keep your deposit.

If the bike get lost, you are responsible, and we have to charge you NOK 3500,-

Be aware that any use is limited to 3 hours per bike. You must return your bike to any of the smartbike’s designated racks within this timeframe. If you need to borrow a bike for more than 3 hours, you may immediately borrow a new bike when returning the old one.

Please take care of the bike. It is your responsibility to return the bike to one of the designated racks in time, without any damage. You are not responsible for any damage due to accidents or normal wear.

If you park the bike any other place than the designated racks, you will be responsible for the bike if it is stolen.


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City Bikes for rent in Trondheim, Lademoparken

There are city bikes available in Trondheim. Tourst city bike cards are available from the Tourst Information Office in Nordreg. 11. Instructions;...

City Bikes for rent in Trondheim, Lademoparken

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More about this area


When you leave the city centre («Midtbyen») and cross the Old Town Bridge, you arrive in Bakklandet – a picturesque and popular part of Trondheim.

Tourist information in Trondheim

The tourist information office in central Trondheim is easy to find in the main shopping street, Nordre gate. Here you will also find a souvenir shop.

Key facts about Trondheim

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, with 176,000 inhabitants. It is a lively university city and Norway's capital of technology.

Munkholmen island

A small islet in the Trondheim fjord. In summertime, many find their way there to relax, visit the café, swim or learn about the exciting history.

Shopping in Trondheim

Trondheim has a small and intimate city centre with designer shops and large department stores.

Restaurants in Trondheim

There are plenty good restaurants in Trondheim. The proximity to the sea makes the distance short to find great fish and shellfish experiences.
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