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Half Day Tour (4 hours) - Horsebackriding on Icelandic Horses in Lofoten

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Beaches, Viking Trail and Vinjedalen Valley. We start at Hov and ride across the Viking trail and the morraine on Gimsøy.

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We visit the magnificent white, sandy beach at Vinje and ride up to Vinjedalen Valley and take a short break in the grove by the Sami tent.

When: All year round
Who: those with some riding experience and more experienced riders, individuals and groups.
Price: NOK 1350 per person, includes a small packed lunch and drink. Min. 2 participants
Duration: about 4 hours.

The following applies to all tours:
The above prices include free use of riding boots, helmets and outer garments. The tours can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, we put safety first. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions the tour will be re-booked to another time or day to suit you.

In conjunction with our riding trips, we offer transport from Svolvær town square, Kabelvåg, Henningsvær and back, for NOK 450 per person. Minimum 2 persons. Transport must be booked in advance.

«Thank you so much for a fantastic ride while I was on my holidays in Lofoten. I warmly recommend it - here you are given a pleasant, safe and fun guided tour with vigour and excitement for those who want it. And not least magnificent terrain in which to ride an Icelandic horse. BRILLIANT! ».
Tone Pernille Sivertsen, Wannado Hove, August 2012.

About Hov Hestegård Riding Centre
Hov Hestegård Riding Centre is situated in beautiful surroundings at Hov on the island of Gimsøy, by a white sandy beach with a view of the ocean and the midnight sun, on the far side of the Lofoten Islands. At present we have 24 Icelandic horses (including the foal Undrun) and two Shetland ponies. Here at Hov, you can ride in the mountains, on the beaches and along roads that the predecessors of our "Viking horses" rode on over a thousand years ago. Icelandic horses are the descendents of the horses of Viking Age Norway.
Hov is one of the oldest places in Lofoten, and historical monuments from ancient times have been found here. These include landing places for boats, a heathen temple, and Viking Age graves. We believe that the residence of Viking chieftain Tore Hjort was located here over 1000 years ago. He is mentioned in the Viking sagas and was killed by King Olav Tryggvasson during the Christianization of Norway. You will hear the story of Tore Hjort, amongst others, when you join one of our guided horse riding trips.
We offer courses for beginners, riding lessons, feed-and-borrow programmes, stabling and lots more.
Hov Camping and Lofoten Golf Links are close by and offer overnight accommodation, camping and a restaurant serving excellent meals.
The farm where the riding centre is situated is owned and run by Frode Hov. Frode grew up on the farm, which has been run by his family for several generations, for several hundred years.

About the riding trips we offer
We welcome both beginners and experienced horsemen alike. We adapt the choice of horse and the trip itself to your own personal abilities and requirements. We make strict demands on safety and provide you with thorough tuition before we set off on a ride. Please read our “Terms and Conditions” before booking our horse riding trips. Our experienced guides speak Norwegian, English and German.

Those who need to, can borrow riding boots, helmets and rainproof outer garments free of charge. Our saddles are new and comfortable and well-suited to cross-country riding.

We offer rides of varying duration, for beginners and experienced riders. You will have an excellent riding experience in the Lofoten countryside, whether you choose “Lofoten on Horseback” or a full day trip. This is the perfect adventure for the whole family, your friends, or your colleagues on tour in Lofoten.

Our horseback rides will lead you along white, sandy beaches, beneath characteristic fish racks and up into the Lofoten mountains. You will see white-tailed eagles and other seabirds, and if we cross the ridge and enter the Gimsøy nature reserve, you may see any number of beautiful birds together with listed marshlands.

Our trips can accommodate groups of 2 to 16 people. Many people enjoy being part of a larger group, but if you prefer it, we can tailor an exclusive trip just for your group.

All of our riding trips require participants to rendezvous 15 minutes prior to start.

We wish you a warm welcome!

“Thank you so much for a fantastic horse riding trip during my holiday in Lofoten. I can warmly recommend it – you get friendly, safe and amusing guiding with fun and excitement if required. Not to mention amazing countryside to ride Icelandic horses in! SIMPLY WONDERFUL ♥“ Tone Pernille Sivertsen, Wannado Hove, August 2012.

Terms and Conditions


Our horse riding trips can be booked at the tourist information centres in Lofoten, at hotels and travel agencies, on our web site or by contacting Hov Hestegård Riding Centre directly:
Telephone : +47 76072002 - between 08:00 and 22:00.
E-mail: info (at) hovhestegard.no
Web : www.hovhestegard.no

Horse riding trips are payable on arrival at Hov Hestegård Riding Centre if no other arrangements have been made in advance. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express.

Cancellation Rules:
Horse riding trips are payable in full if notice of cancellation is given less than two days in advance.

Safety Regulations:
• Children under 8 years of age may only join our riding trips with the express approval of our staff. Children under 8 years of age may only take part on the ride entitled “Lofoten on Horseback”, and only by prior arrangement.
• Our horse riding trips are not suitable for pregnant women.
• Persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants are not at liberty to take part on our horse riding trips.
• Please note that there is a personal weight limit of 110 kg for inexperienced riders.
• Those taking part on our horse rides must do so of their own free will and are obliged to inform the courier of any circumstances which may affect their ability to take part on the ride.
• Rucksacks or bags may not be taken on the rides. However, storage facilities are available for the safekeeping of your valuables
With your welfare in mind we have done everything in our power to ensure that these horse rides will be safe and pleasant, and we ask you to confirm the following when making your reservation:
• I am joining the horse ride of my own free will.
• I consider myself capable of taking part in the ride
• I am familiar with Hov Hestegård Riding Centre’s instructions and safety measures and agree to follow them in every respect
• I am aware that this horse ride / these horse rides may involve a certain degree of risk.
• I have informed the courier of any illnesses I have which may influence my ability to take part on the tour (e.g. epilepsy, asthma, diabetes) and of the medication which I take for said diseases.
• I am aware that the operator’s liability does not extend beyond accidents which may occur due to errors or incorrect use of equipment by the company’s staff and/or negligence on their behalf. I bear personal responsibility for any damages caused by myself due to my own carelessness or failure to follow set/given/published instructions.
• I bear all responsibility for any personal belongings which I may bring along on the trip
• I am not under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.

We put safety first and consequently all our horse rides are subject to weather conditions. Should these prove unsuitable, we will arrange for a new trip at another point in time.
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Half Day Tour (4 hours) - Horsebackriding on Icelandic Horses in Lofoten

Half Day Tour (4 hours) - Horsebackriding on Icelandic Horses in Lofoten

We visit the magnificent white, sandy beach at Vinje and ride up to Vinjedalen Valley and take a short break in the grove by the Sami tent. When:...

Half Day Tour (4 hours) - Horsebackriding on Icelandic Horses in Lofoten

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