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Mountain walks around Bodø

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Mountainous Bodø municipality offers wonderful wilderness opportunities. There are 120 peaks above 700 m in height, and 30 peaks that tower more than 1000 m. You can choose between easy walks and demanding rock climbing. The list below describes some of the most popular mountaintops. If you want more detailed information, please contact the local rambler’s association (Bodø og Omegns Turistforening). See also www.friluftskart.salten.no for maps showing the various routes.

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Keiservarden (366 m), located very near Bodø, is a favourite amongst residents. The path goes from Mount Rønvik. After a relatively easy walk, you are rewarded by a magnificent view, especially of Landegode and the open stretch of sea known as the Vestfjord. The road up from the Maskinisten recreation area is closed to vehicles. Steigtind (793 m) is one of Bodø’s most characteristic -mountains, with a fantastic panorama in all directions. Drive trunk road Fv834 toward Kjerringøy, to Skaug. The last stretch to the summit is rather steep, and you may encounter loose rocks. But with a little care, you are soon rewarded with an incredible view toward the impressive mountains on Kjerringøy. Heggmotind (798 m) is reached by driving Rv80 toward Tverlandet, taking the turnoff at the “lake” toward Heggmoen. There is a faintly visible path up the mountain. From the summit there is a magnificent view in all directions, particularly toward Kjerringøy and the mountains around Valnesfjord. Per Kalsatind (1036 m) is a mountain with one of the finest views in the entire Bodø region, and one of the most popular. Of all the peaks above 1000 m, this is the most accessible. Drive Fv17 trunk road past Saltstraumen to Fjell. After a steep and rapid ascent, a wide panorama opens up. From the top of the mountain, your view includes Åselidalen, the town of Bodø, Landegode and the Vestfjord. Børtind (1048 m) is reached by driving Fv17 to Saltstraumen, and then Fv812 toward Misvær. Turn off at Børelva river and -continue to Børvatnet lake. The beauty of the view is comparable with Per Kalsatind, on the other side of the Åselidalen valley. Lurfjelltind (1284 m) is situated on the municipal border between Bodø and Beiarn; it is Bodø’s highest mountain. The best starting point for you walk to the top is from Lurfjellhytta lodge, while the easiest route starts from Svartvassetra. Drive Fv17 toward Saltstraumen, then Fv812 toward Misvær. Snyfjell (821 m) is reached by driving trunk road Fv17 to Saltstraumen, then taking Fv812 until you’re north of the Sandkollen tunnel. The ascent starts out steeply, but gradually becomes easier. You can enjoy a fine view, especially toward Landegode and the Vestfjord, during the entire walk. Middagshaugen (284 m) is a peak on Kjerringøy island, south of the main village of Kjerringøy. It is a popular rambling destination, with an excellent view. A good place to park your car and start your walk is the cemetery in Møldalen. The path to the summit is -well-marked, and the last section is rather steep. A good alternative is to start your walk from Kjerringøy vicarage.
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Mountain walks around Bodø

Mountain walks around Bodø

Keiservarden (366 m), located very near Bodø, is a favourite amongst residents. The path goes from Mount Rønvik. After a relatively easy walk, you are...

Mountain walks around Bodø

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