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Ice Music Festival 2016

Read more: Ice Music Festival Read more: Ice Music Festival harp Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Høve Støtt AS Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Høve Støtt AS Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth Read more: IceMusic Festival
Read more: Ice Music Festival
Read more: Ice Music Festival harp
Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Høve Støtt AS
Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Høve Støtt AS
Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth
Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth
Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth
Ice Music Festival 2016 Photo: Bjørn Furuseth
Read more: IceMusic Festival

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Ice Music Festival 2016 will be from 21. - 24. january 2016. Follow us for more information! Under her is program from 2015 and information.

Ice Music Festival is a unique, artistic and musical event held every year at the full moon in the beginning of the year. The festival is an ovation to nature and to one of the world’s most important recourses – water. Frozen water.
The 2015 have Ice Music Festival 10th anniversary.

All premises are set by the surrounding nature, with the majestic local mountain landscape as its scenery. The weather is essential for the festival. The quality of the ice depends on the weather conditions and the sound of the instruments varies as the temperature differs. Therefore, every concert is a unique experience. The lunar cycle determines the date, and the weather determines the music.

The festival includes a wide array of artistic expressions that all share a connection to ice. Through the years, both architecture, art, dance, photo, design and music has been represented at the festival. Ice Music Festival is a place for artists and audience to experiment develop and to be inspires.
More information about the program, go to http://www.icemusicfestival.no

Expect the unexpected! The moment is now.

Program 2015
Thursday 5th February 2015
Family Event: Mr. Ping / 17.30hrs
Performance for children on the Ice Music Festival stage in Geilo Centre. A penguin and an egg in a landscape of sounds and loops.
Mr. Ping has got a big responsibility - when will the egg hatch? He will watch the egg and kept it warm and dry. Maybe a little penguin will show up? Mr. Ping lives in Antarctica where it is terribly cold with lots of snow and ice. Along with the cold, other animals might want to get hold of his egg so Mr. Ping must keep his eyes and ears open. The audience helps Mr. Ping to find a safe place where he can hatch the egg.
Knut Lothe is an actor, director, writer, producer and one of Norway’s most popular percussionists. He brings a big box of ice-free sounds to the Ice Music Festival.
Location: Geilo Centre        Adults NOK 100 Children: Free

'Meltwater’ / 20.00hrs
Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit performs a specially commissioned Ice Music Festival 10th Anniversary composition.
Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit: Vocals Margit Myhr: Langeleik / Lyre / Vocals Steinar Mossige: Percussion Eilif Gundersen: Ice-horn
Voices, ice and electronics collide in this year's commissioned work by composer and musician Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit from Ål.
This concert contains fragility, power, noise, harmony, visual appearance and newly written texts. The ensemble are specially collaborated to bring impulses from folk, jazz, contemporary music and electronicsphere.
Location: Geilo Centre                       NOK 250

Opening of the art exhibition: Crescendo / 21.00hrs
Location; Geilo Kulturkyrkje

Friday 6th February 2015
Icelandic Ice Sessions / 20.00hrs
Hear and see a strong Arctic focus with music from Iceland collaborating with art by Oddbjørg Reinton. During this concert we also get an introduction to the now legendary Ice Music Festival instrument of the year and 2015 shows off the Isbassis!
Will the Isbassis beat Arve Henriksen's stage dominating Talatut from 2014?Trio Medieval: Anna Maria Friman, Berit Opheim, & Linn Andrea Fuglseth - all vocals Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion Arve Henriksen: Ice Trumpet & Improvised Vocals Anders Jormin: Isbassis
Oddbjørg Reinton will present her images painted on ice.
Location: Geilo Centre                       NOK 250

Natural & Electronic Ice
Part 1 / Natural Ice / 22.00hrs
We will hear the wondrous Mamadou Diabate from Burkina Faso. Mamadou is one of the world's leading Balafon players and for the first time he will play one made entirely from natural, locally sourced ice. Welcome the Isbalafon! And welcome Africa!
Mamadou Diabate: Isbalafon
Part 2 / Electronic Ice:
The second part of the concert will be a mix of natural ice and ice processed by the electronics with meditative / repitative rhythms. We are also very pleased to have sample master and Punkt Festival co-founder Jan Bang join us in the deep cold.
Helge Norbakken: Ice Drums
Jan Bang: Live Sampling
Terje Isungset: Iceofon
Stein Arne Rimehaug: Ice Udu
To accompany the concert will be a presentation of ice artists from Tallinn, who will premiere their incredible sculptures for 2015. 
Location: Geilo Centre                     NOK 250

Saturday 7th February 2015
Family Event: Three Continents / 15.00hrs
Mamadou Diabate (Burkina Faso) & Helge Norbakken (Norway) try out a new kind of ice drum with leather for the first time!
Ice sculptor supremo and Ice Music Festival ice instrument creator Bill Covitz (USA) creates a seriously ambitious sculpture in 30 minutes! Previous years have included a life sized Panther running and a Eagle soaring to the skies...
Stein Arne Rimehaug (Geilo) demonstrates the Ice Udu and explains how he made t. Suitable for all the family.
Presented by Geilo's Grand Master of Ceremony: Pål Knutson Medhus 
Location: Geilo Centre        Adults NOK 100 Children: Free

Seminar What Happens To Ice In The Arctic? / 17.00hrs

Hear one of the world's leading environmental scientists - Kerim Nisancioglu from the Bjerknes Centre at the University of Bergen talk about Arctic melt.
Kerim has worked with Greenland for many years and will talk about glaciers, melting ice and climate change. The ice on Greenland is a 'joker' in the global climate system, since they do not know what will happen to the ice in the future. If the ice melts, it will offer increasing problems locally but also globally as sea levels will rise. In this seminar will you be a part of a journey to the Arctic to see how the ice has evolved. What has happened and what will happen?
Oddbjørg Reinton and Terje Isungset will talk about environmental issues as inspiration in their artistic work.
Location: Dr Holms Hotel       Adults NOK 100

Ice Club Concept / 22.00hrs

Eirik Glambek Bøe (Ice Guitar) Anders Jormin (Isbassis), Arve Henriksen (Ice Trumpets and electronics), Helge Norbakken (Ice Drums).
A mesmerising mix of well known songs from the Kings of Convenience with improvisations from our infamous ice musicians. It will be exciting to hear if Eirik can play his world famous guitar riff on an Ice Guitar…whilst leaving room for surprises!

Location: Geilo Centre                       NOK 250

Famous Saturday Midnight Concert - With A 10th Anniversary Twist!Meditations / 24.00hrs
Fekjo Culture & Heritage Park is described as a magical place. Now students at the Bergen Academy of Art & Design, under the leadership of Charles Michalsen and Petter Bergerud, have been challenged to create a truly distinctive new arena in Fekjo’s natural surroundings.
The students have been working on this project all autumn and early winter, to devise a fantastic musical gathering, with exciting shapes and spectacular lighting. Illuminated by moonlight, this stellar performance will be best experienced under the dark of night.
The concert is based on music from Terje Isungset’s latest CD called 'Meditations'. Ice and nature will be be sharply in focus.
Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion
Lena Nymark: Vocals
Jan Bang: Live Sampling
Therese Skauge: Dance

Magical Transport To The Location:
For the midnight concert only, the audience can rent cross-county skis to get to the concert location. Equipment and guides offered at a special price of 100 NOK - more details to follow!
Location: Fekjo Cultural & Heritage Park Adults NOK 350
Viking Era graveyard, about 900 CE. 21 burial monds, of which 10 have been excavated.

Sunday 8th February 2015 Winter Songs / 12.00hrs
Terje Isungset has toured the world with his most successful Ice Music album. “Winter Songs” has been performed in Japan, Canada, USA, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Holland - to name a few countries!
A special celebratory concert will be staged inside Geilo's award winning and beautiful Cultural Church. Oozing ultra modern Scandinavian architectural cool the church is the perfect location for Terje and Lena's minimal delivery.
Lena Nymark: Vocals
Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion
Accompanying artists:
Stein Arne Rimehaug: Ice Udu
Trio Mediaeval: Vocal
Therese Skauge: Dance
The concert is suitable for all.
Oddbjørg Reinton will discuss his pictures that will be on display in the church. Sale of coffee and light refreshments.
Location: Geilo Culture Church
Adults NOK 200  / Children 12-16 Years NOK 100 Children Under 12 Years Free


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Event details

Where:Geilo sentrum
1/21/2016 - 1/24/2016
Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun
5:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Ice Music Festival 2016

Ice Music Festival 2016

Ice Music Festival 2016 will be from 21. - 24. january 2016. Follow us for more information! Under her is program from 2015 and information. Ice Mu...

Ice Music Festival 2016

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